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~~Mod info~~
This mod lets you add up to 5 songs that'll play while you are sneaking. Inspired by Miracle of Sound's Khajiit Like To Sneak song, this mod will allow for greater immersion as you sneak around to your favorite spy/stealth songs. For the music to start playing you first need to find and read the Sneak Music book out side the entrance to the sewers in Riften (Shown in picture)

-Install all the files to your 'skyrim\Data' folder
-Add up to five of your favorite .wav files to the 'Skyrim\Data\Music' folder.
-Name the files sneak1.wav, sneak2.wav....sneak5.wav

Problem: I don't have a Music folder
Solution: If you don't have a music folder, then dont fear. You can simply create one yourself ^_^

Problem: I read the book and got the magic ablity but nothings happens when I sneak
Solution 1: Make sure your wav file plays correctly in other media players and try a different wav file
Solution 2: If your file extentions are automatically hidden then remove ".wav". Because the extention is hidden you likely named the file "sneak1.wav.wav" by mistake.

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