X360 Controller Convenient Key Remap - 8 Hotkeys available by Khayke
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This modification alters the key map of your X360 controller to the following:

LT ---------> Left Attack/Block*
RT ---------> Right Attack/Block*
LB ---------> Sprint*
RB ---------> Shout*
A+RT -----> Quicksave
A+LT -----> Quickload

LS ---------> Sneak*
RS ---------> Toggle POV*
LB+LS ------> Auto-Move
A+LS -------> Screenshot

Back ---------> Quick Map
Start ---------> Journal*
LB+Back -----> Wait
LB+Start ----> Tween Menu

D-Up ---------> Hotkey1
D-Down -----> Hotkey2
D-Left -------> Hotkey3
D-Right -----> Hotkey4
LB+D-Up ----> Hotkey5
LB+D-Down > Hotkey6
LB+D-Left --> Hotkey7
LB+D-Right > Hotkey8

X ---------> Ready Weapon*
Y ---------> Jump*
A ---------> Activate*
B ---------> Favorites
LB+X ----> Quick Magic
LB+Y ----> Quick Stats
LB+B ----> Quick Inventory

*denotes vanilla mapped buttons


Backup "ControlMap_Custom.txt" in game's root (if present) and "Skyrim\Data\Interface\Controls\PC\controlmap.txt" to keep your old config if necessary, otherwise just delete.

Then, use NMM or just extract mod archive the Skyrim root folder.


If quicksave do not work, do the following:
In-game, go to System > Controls and change a button mapping and set it back to what it was. Return to the game. This will create "ControlMap_Custom.txt" in the game's root.

Open favorites menu, hold hotkey buttons on any item to hotkey it.

Compatible with SkyUI.

e.g. I mapped 1-4 to spells, 5-8 to weaponry.
Hotkey1 ---------> Firebolt (Offense)
Hotkey2 ---------> Stone (Support)
Hotkey3 ---------> Lesser Ward (Defense)
Hotkey4 ---------> Reanimate Corpse (Other)
Hotkey5 ---------> One-handed weapon
Hotkey6 ---------> Shield
Hotkey7 ---------> Bow
Hotkey8 ---------> Two-handed weapon


Hotkey 1-4, Favorites and Quick Map can now be reconfigured in the in-game Pause menu, but Wait has been hidden.

You may easily customise the mod to your liking, just have a look at the "controlmap.txt" inside the archive and map keys to their function based on the codes found here:

LT ---------> 0x0009
RT ---------> 0x000a
LB ---------> 0x0100
RB ---------> 0x0200
LS ---------> 0x0040
RS ---------> 0x0080
Back ------> 0x0020
Start ------> 0x0010
D-Up ------> 0x0001
D-Down --> 0x0002
D-Left ----> 0x0004
D-Right --> 0x0008
X ----------> 0x4000
Y ----------> 0x8000
A ----------> 0x1000
B ----------> 0x2000

For instance, to link A+RT to the quicksave function of the game, I just replaced whatever was at the fourth column at the "Quicksave" event by "0x1000+0x000a". In this case 0x1000 is A button and 0x000a is RT.

The fourth column is reserved for gamepad mapping. Make sure that no functions are overlapped!

Delete "Skyrim\Data\Interface\Controls\PC\controlmap.txt" and "Skyrim\ControlMap_Custom.txt" or restore previous backups.