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A replica of Kit Rae\'s Sedethul.

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Adds both one- and two-handed versions of Kit Rae's Sedethul sword to Skyrim. Both can be crafted and improved. Black/silver and gold/brown variations are available.

Meshes are to-scale replicas and use high-resolution textures taken from images of the actual swords.

This mod has two options: STANDARD and LARGER TWO-HANDER. As the name says, the second option includes a larger two-handed version of the sword that may not be realistic, but is closer in size to the vanilla two-handed weapons.

Swords have Daedric damage numbers. The standard two-handed version has a reduced reach to compensate for its size, but the attack speed is faster than standard greatswords. The larger version has standard speed with a longer reach, but is heavier.

If you enjoy this small mod, or if you have any constructive criticism, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll follow up as soon as I am able.

How to get them:

Visit any forge. Both one- and two-handed swords will show up under the "STEEL" menu. Crafting info can be found in the images section.

Alternately, you can add them via the console using the IDs below:
- xx000D63 - One-Handed (Silver)
- xx001829 - Two-Handed (Silver)
- xx002858 - One-Handed (Gold)
- xx002859 - Two-Handed (Gold)


- The easiest way is by downloading with the Nexus Mod Manager.
- Alternately, unzip the .7z archive and copy all files/directories into your "...\Skyrim\data\" folder.


- Delete said files. See above.


- Released v1.02
- Gold/brown version is now available.
- Swords are now included under the "STEEL" category when smithing and improving. Steel smithing requirements and bonuses apply.
- Released an alternate "LARGER TWO-HANDER" version for those who prefer larger two-handed weapons. The "STANDARD" version still uses a near-real-world scale.
- Larger versions have vanilla reach and speed. Standard two-handed versions have reduced reach, but increased attack speed.
- Some texture modifications and remapping.

- All right, I took advantage of the server downtime to implement some fixes to mesh smoothing and blood maps. Uploaded v1.01 instead of a hotfix - they would've been similar in size anyway.
- I've noticed a few "minor" issues that could stand to be fixed. Nothing too noticeable, but I'd still like to have them resolved. I always catch bugs right after I post a file *sigh* Anyway, I might post a hotfix or I might just wait until I'm done making some modifications I have planned for the next version. Depends on what time permits.

- Released version 1.0

Known issues:

- The grip on this sword is a bit short. When using the two-handed version, you may notice that the character holds the sword with one hand close to the pommel.

- Blood maps are especially bloody. This was done intentionally.

Future Plans:

- Scabbards
- Gold/brown version
- Mesh optimizations