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A very faithful-to-vanilla ENB configuration, based on but not similar to Akiro Unred. Provides bloom, depth of field (DOF), detailed shadows, ambient occlusion (SSAO), indirect lighting(SSIL). Requires use of mindflux/artem1s\' Further Dark Dungeons (included).

Permissions and credits
[size=+3]Akiro Undone[/size]


This is an ENB configuration, a particular aesthetic overhaul of Skyrim, based on Boris Vorontsov's ENBSeries.

It will enhance your game with:

Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) and Indirect Lighting (SSIL)
High Detailed Shadows and Sunrays
Depth Of Field (DOF) (working on Crossfire configurations, yay!)
Cinematic "letterbox" black bars
A revamped, though faithful to vanilla, colour scheme.

Your Skyrim will look better in more ways than one.


It will not resolve your Skyrim problems if you already have any, it will not cure cancer, it will not bring peace to the world. It's just graphics.

It will not come without a performance hit. More eye candy, less fps - it's the rules. Though there are performance options.

It does not offer darker nights or dungeons, this a rather bright configuration. Use of Further Dark Dungeons is indispensable.

IT WILL NOT BE SUPPORTED. Trustinall, creator of this configuration, won't be visiting frequently this site for a certain period of time. This is offered as is for anyone who might be interested. Consult the original ENB documentation here, and Kyokushinoyama's excellent troubleshooting guide in the Discussions Tab. Leave a message in the comments' section if you encounter any problems anyway, someone might drop in with a solution.


- Uninstall (and backup if you must) any previous ENB you might be using.

- Download 0.113 version from Boris Vorontsov's ENBSeries page here. Akiro Undone was designed to work perfectly with 0.114beta too, though this is still an unstable version, it might cause graphical gliches and/or slowdowns.

- Unpack d3d9.dll from the .zip file in your Skyrim main folder (where TESV.exe is)

- Manually unpack the Akiro Undone version of your choice in the same folder (mod installers won't work with ENB configurations)

- Overwrite if you have to (this will only happen if you haven't cleaned your Skyrim folder of previous ENB installations, or if you already use Further Dark Dungeons)

- Verify that Further Dark Dungeons for ENB is enabled in your Load Order (TESLauncer->Data Files, or NMM -> Plugins tab)

- Verify that bFloatPointRendertarget is set to 1 in your SkyrimPrefs.ini (in Documents\My Games\Skyrim)

- If you want Sub Morphological Antialiasing (SMAA) for your Skyrim game (top notch AA at a minimal performance cost):
disable all AA game and driver options
download SMAA from here
unpack everything EXCEPT d3d9.dll in your Skyrim main folder. I repeat, DO NOT overwrite ENB's d3d9.dll.


Remove all Akiro Undone's files manually. These are

(in Skyrim folder)

(in Skyrim\Data folder)
Further Dark Dungeons for ENB.esp (only remove this if you haven't been using it before and/or you don't intend to use it anymore).


Please refer to the troubleshooting page (under the Discussion Tab), courtesy of KyokushinOyama (you're a lifesaver)

[size=+2]Thanks to[/size]

Boris Vorontsov - creator of the ENBSeries
Matso and HeliosDoubleSix(HD6) - authors of invaluable ENB effect extensions
Mindflux/artem1s - creator of Dark Dungeons, ENB wiz and a great person
Kyokushinoyama - for all the help AND for being awesome. Try his fantastic Vibrant and Countervibe ENBs
83Willow and zzjay - for all the support. Both creators of incredible mods, install them now. Now!
schmoops9 - for the support, the screenshots and for being the sweetest person in the Nexus
JoPineapples68 and Staind716 - our heroic moderators next to Kyokushinoyama
all our friends and fellow Nexus dwellers - you know who you are ;)

[size=+1]Thank you all for trying Akiro Undone ENB[/size]

Video courtesy of Hodilton