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Spells and enchantments based on the ones Morrowind and Oblivion, and given a taste of the style of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
--Spells of Tamriel V1.5.0
--For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
--By Mojo---------------

--Table of Contents-----

(3)Download link
(5)Future Works
(11)Categorized Favorites
(12)Recommended Mods


The spells added in this mod are based on Morrowind and Oblivion, and given a taste of the style of Skyrim.
Spells include targeted spells, touch spells, classic alteration spells, bound weapons and armor, and poison damage for destruction magic.
Conjurers/necromancers may find poison to be especially useful as all daedra and undead are immune to poison, so friendly fire isn't a problem.
This mod adds a new npc to sell all of these spells located in the College of Winterhold Arcanaeum.
Some new enchantments have also been added to the game.

Note: This mod edits the bound weapons model. If you prefer the vanilla weapons, type "set _SoT_VanillaBoundWeapons to 1" in the console. Only applies to spells which exist in Skyrim.esm or Dragonborn.esm

Latest version of Skyrim (
Latest version of SKSE (1.6.13+) -

--(3)Download link-----
Spells of Tamriel -


Fixed a bug with Slow Fall effect and loading games
Minor edits to toxic fumes functionality
Fixed inconsistencies with crit dmg and bound weapons (between SoT weapons and vanilla)

-Dragonborn Only-
New poison explosion effects for Runes and Poisonbloom
The dragonborn poison rune has been renamed to "Lingering Poison Rune" and moved to the destruction tree. Rune is functional with Augmented Poison.
Merged the two bound dagger spells

Altered AI of silenced targets
-Silenced targets will now draw out their weapons to attack
Updated crit damage of a few bound weapons
Made a couple edits so they did not overwrite bug fixes from the Unofficial Skyrim Patch


Applied changes to leech/devour magicka/stamina so they don't absorb more magicka/stamina than what the target has
-Absorb Magicka and Stamina skills are now fire and forget instead of concentrated spells due to the buggy nature of the effect
Fixed a bug in which fortify speed spells can stack with itself
Increased XP gain from absorb health spells
Fixed a couple spell descriptions


Fixed CTD error with Toxic Fumes Perk
Dual casting feather spells should now only increase duration
Feather spells should no longer stack with each other
Reduced the magnitude on absorb skill spells
Fortify speed spells should now immediately apply to the player and targets
Absorb Magicka/Stamina spells should no longer work on targets with no Magicka/Stamina
Fixed the duration for drain intelligence


New spells: Absorb Skill (18 skyrim skills and unarmed damage), Greater Feather
New enchantments: Drain attribute, Absorb Skill
Drain attribute effects are now closer to how they functioned in Morrowind and Oblivion
Spell tomes now how a skill requirements to purchase
-Adept: 40
-Expert: 65
-Master: 90
Replaced the enfeebling blood perk with toxic fumes
-Targets hit with poison damage below 25% hp will bend over coughing for 4 seconds
-Disabling effect only works on humanoid NPCs
-Coughing only works on generic npc voices
-Although they appear to be in the "bleed out position" kill moves from mods will not work during this state
All spells should now be giving some experience
-As a result some magicka costs may be tweaked
-Let me know if you think skills are giving too much or too little xp
New sounds for poison spray and toxic cloud (again :D )
Unlock spells now work more closely to how they did in oblivion and morrowind
-Unlock spells no longer add the activate option to unlock doors/containers
-After casting the spell, doors and containers will unlock automically as long as they are viewed in your crosshair
Added the option to use the ghostly bound weapons (for sword, bow, and battle axe) over the daedric bound weapons
-To switch to ghostly weapons, open the console (~) and type "set _SoT_VanillaBoundWeapons to 1" without quotes
-To switch back, type "set _SoT_VanillaBoundWeapons to 0"
Fixed the night eye effect toggling on spell cast instead of dispeling on the duration end
-Night eye spell or enchantment will stack with vampire/khajiit night eye (not recommended)
Removed the lock spells as they don't seem to be working anymore (or never did)
-NPCs can magically unlock doors and their AI will cause them to teleport through rooms if you wait or leave the area
Cure poison effects should now cure all poison spells as well
Improved issues regarding recasting bound armor when it was already on
Improved the way jump spells function and compatability with other mods or game settings which change "fJumpHeightMin"
-Upon casting a new jump effect, the default jump height will be stored
-If you manually alter the fJumpHeightMin or a mod does, an option will pop up upon the jump effect dispelling asking you which jump height you want
Fixed a compatbility issue with balanced magic in which fire FX would continue to play on self targeted elemental shields
Weakness to elemental spells can now stack with effects of another element
Made some minor tweaks to some particle effects
Made many many many internal changes to prevent unintended mod incompatability and complications


New spells: Ghost walk, Cure paralysis, Poison Storm, Silence.
Dire weakness to poison was replaced with Poison Storm (Master level poison spell).
New enchantments! See Below.
Added a tapered duration to most poison damage spells.
Changed the sound effects of some poison spells and absorb spells.
Increased the chance to avoid attack damage with sanctuary spells from 15 to 25 and 30 to 50.
Reduced the magnitude of fortify attribute and magic resistance spells from 10 to 8 as I felt these became too powerful at higher levels.
Reduced the magnitude of drain attribute spells from 15 to 10.
Did some major mod cleaning!

Fixed loading issues with jump and slowfall spells active (The effects remained permanently or we not reapplied on loads). If this still bugs out, just take your jump shoes off and put them back on again, or apply the slowfall or jump spell and then allow it to dispel.
Fixed the description of adept unlock.
Fixed the cost of disintegrate armor spell tome.
Fixed poison cloud being labeled as an adept level spell (it's expert).
Renamed the ignite spell to enflame (due to Dragonborn, when it releases to PC, adding a spell with the same name).
Fixed the description for the fireball spell.
Updated the alteration unlock sounds for levels 25 and 50.
Addded a duration to the etherealize spell description.
Undead should now be silenced properly.
Cure poison should now cures poison spells.


Added new bound weapons and armor skills. Bound items now have the same stats as their daedric counterparts. Bound weapons now use daedric weapon meshes.
Updated mystic binding and oblivion binding perks.
Added two jump spells (Requires SKSE).
Added Wild Fire, Frost, Lightning, Poison. Spells deal a random amount of damage. Minimum of 1. Maximum of 2 times your destruction skill. Magnitude increases with respective augmented perks. Cannot be dual casted. Mods that alter spell magnitude (balanced magic, SIMS, etc will have no effect on this spell magnitude).
Fixed a bug in which dual casting Toxic Cloud had no visual effects.
Fixed a bug in which vampires players could not use poison cloak.
Fixed a bug which made the silence spells not work.
Removed Sanctuary Touch spells from the spell merchant as they do not work at the moment.
Fixed a few spell descriptions.
Updated a few spell tome costs to keep with consistency.

--(5)Future Work/Author's Notes

Please report and bugs you may come across so I can fix them.
Also feel free to leave any suggestions or (constructive) criticism regarding balance, spell ideas, asthetics, etc.
There are future plans for a Dragonborn patch
- The Dragonborn poison rune will move into the destruction school and use the poison perks
- The Greater Poison rune will use the Dragonborn effects (assuming it's good)
- Remove the duplicated bound dagger sword and adjust damage if necessary

Also I might still look into improving the greater jump spell and creating a levitate spell that I like



Novice Unlock
Shield on Touch

Apprentice Unlock
Fire Shield
Fire Shield on Touch
Frost Shield
Frost Shield on Touch
Lesser Feather
Lesser Jump
Lightning Shield
Lightning Shield on Touch

Adept Unlock
Slow Fall
Swift Swim

Dispel on Self
Dispel on Target
Expert Unlock
Greater Feather
Greater Jump

Master Unlock

Bound Dagger
Bound Helmet

Bound Boots
Bound Gauntlets
Bound Mace
Bound War Axe

Bound Cuirass
Bound Greatsword
Bound Shield
Bound Warhammer

Bound Armor


Poison Spray

Burning Touch
Chilling Touch
Greater Poison Rune
Lightning Touch
Poisonous Touch
Weakness to Fire
Weakness to Frost
Weakness to Poison
Weakness to Shock

Drain Agility
Drain Endurance
Drain Health
Drain Intelligence
Drain Magicka
Drain Personality
Drain Speed
Drain Stamina
Drain Strength
Drain Willpower
Poison Cloak
Weakness to Magic
Wild Fire
Wild Frost
Wild Lightning
Wild Poison

Black Hand
Black Winter
Disintegrate Armor*
Toxic Cloud
Wall of Poison

Poison Storm

Inspiring Touch

Eyes of Midnight
Lesser Sanctuary
Muffle Other

Calming Touch
Grasp of Terror
Touch of Rage

Fade Other
Greater Sanctuary
Ghost Walk

Mass Silence

Absorb Hand-to-Hand
Leech Health
Leech Magicka
Leech Stamina
Resist Poison
Resist Poison on Touch

Cure Disease
Cure Disease on Touch
Cure Paralysis on Touch
Cure Poison
Cure Poison on Touch
Fortify Agility
Fortify Agilty on Touch
Fortify Endurance
Fortify Endurance on Touch
Fortify Intelligence
Fortify Intelligence on Touch
Fortify Personality
Fortify Personality on Touch
Fortify Speed
Fortify Speed on Touch
Fortify Strength
Fortify Strength on Touch
Fortify Willpower
Fortify Willpower on Touch

Absorb Alchemy
Absorb Alteration
Absorb Block
Absorb Conjuration
Absorb Destruction
Absorb Enchanting
Absorb Heavy Armor
Absorb Illusion
Absorb Light Armor
Absorb Lockpicking
Absorb Marksman
Absorb One-Handed
Absorb Pickpocket
Absorb Restoration
Absorb Smithing
Absorb Sneak
Absorb Speech
Absorb Two-handed
Devour Health
Devour Magicka
Devour Stamina


Mystic Binding (Increases bound weapon and armor effectiveness by 25%)
Oblivion Binding (Adds enchantments to bound armor)

Augmented Poison (2 ranks, 30/60 destruction, increases poison damage by 25/50%)
Toxic Fumes (1 rank, 50 destruction, incapacitate targets below 25% hp)


Drain Health (1s duration - good for stealth)
Weakness to Elemental/Magicka/Poison

Detect Life*
Jump (Lesser)
Swift Swim
Night Eye

This enchantment uses a "cloak" magic effect and may trigger bugs with events such as brawls. Should be fine for normal use.

*Disintegrate armor temporarily reduces the targets armor for 30 real time minutes, so any friendly fire is not permanent. I don't believe mutliple instances stack. (I may change this).

To install, extract the .esp and .bsa files into your skyrim/data folder and activate the mod in your load order.
Should matter very little where it goes in the load order as it makes little vanilla edits. Probably best to put it after your spell/magic balancing mod.

To uninstall, make sure all spell effects from this mod are off and remove any items enchanted with the ones added by this mod.
Save your game.
Remove the .esp and .bsa from your skyrim/data folder.
Launch Skyrim.

Note - you will not be refunded perk points if you used augmented poison and/or enfeebling blood (use the console to relocate them elsewhere).

--(11)Categorized Favorites
Added support to categorized favorites (link below). Open your favoritesmenu.cfg located in skyrim/data/interface. Copy and paste the lists in SoTFavs.txt to their respective schools under magic list and sublists. The new spells should now sort properly in the favorites menu.

--(12)Recommened Mods------

I highly recommend you install one of the various magic balancing mods if you haven't already.
My personal favorite is Balanced Magic. There may be a few duplicate spells that I created if you used this mod. This mod should be compatible with other balancing mods (although I haven't tested them all).

Balanced Magic - - Load before my mod as it also changes bound weapons
Corpse Preparation: True Necromancy - Also made by me (Coming soon: Adds in lore based necromancy where you can build up an undead army for up to 3 followers. Currently doing play-through test to polish and kill bugs).
Mark and Recall -
Divine Intervetion - (This will conflict with mark and recall, only one of these mods will have the spell tomes at Tolfdir. Just alter the mod load order after you buy to get the other, or use Wrye Bash.)
Mighty Magick - (alternative balance mod)
Skyrim's Improved Magic System - (alternative balance mod)
Empowered Magic - (alternative balance mod)
Ingredients of Tamriel - - Adds many more classic ingredients into the game
Unofficial Skyrim Patch - - For obvious reasons
SkyUI - - Much better user interface
Categorized Favorites Menu - - Much better user interface for favorites
Brawl Bugs Patch - - Possible fix for detect life enchantment/brawl interaction. Have no tested it myself.

Please do not use my work without permission. :)