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TacobananaMan and SONNYSPAK

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A fully functional, playable Snow Elf race matching the Snow Elves added by the Dawnguard DLC to the game, with new powers and abilities. Vampirism = WORKING! Werewolf = WORKING! Everything = WORKING! (Female textures are not final)

Permissions and credits

If you are using a vampire overhaul and or UFO or USKP or any combination of the three, use NMM to install this patch RaceCompatibility for Dawnguard plus vanilla version upgrades

2013 update. Be sure to delete all previous data from this mod before installing this new version of the mod.

(ApachiiSkyHair and other hairstyle mods should also work, in fact, eye mods and other face mods should work aswell)

Before you start, please read these notes:
Use the presets slider to choose the desired complexity. If you use the complexity slider, move it back to option one to fix your skin color. Also added in the 4 snow elf hairstyles that were included in dawnguard. they all use the second hair color option (to match Gelebor and Vyrthurs hair color) all 4 of them are towards the end of the hair colors list.

This mod adds a playable Snow Elf race matching the Snow Elves added by the Dawnguard DLC. The Snow Elves are frost resistant and weak to fire, and specialize in restoration magic. This mod took hours of work to complete but we still need feedback in order to improve it.
+10 Restoration
+5 Light armor
+5 Destruction
+5 Block
+5 One-handed
+5 Alteration
Total = 35

Racial Ability and Perks:
(Attempted to) Replace Flames with Frostbite - I think frostbite is alot more fitting than flames, don't you? :) ? bug reported, flames is not replaced. Frostbite is just added. All the races would need to be changed around and the player would need flames removed, resulting in bandits, guards and pretty much any other NPC's using flames against the player.
Frostborn - Snow Elves have a natural 25% weakness to fire
Snowskin- Snow Elves have a natural 65% resistance to frost
Iceskin- Snow Elves can create a shell of ice and snow, becoming invulnerable to all frost damage and generating a powerful frost cloak.

Recommended Mods:
Snow Elf Retexture by Den987
Much Ado about Snow Elves - A Tragedy - Act I by LittleBaron and Aliera Caine

Enjoy, and please give us feedback.

Change Log:

12/01/2013: v2.0.1 released; Some users were having issues with vampires (still) hopefully, this will fix it. Be sure to delete all previous data from this mod before installing this new version of the mod.

18-9-12: v2.0 released; Vampires are now 100% functional. Feeding works, eyes go to vampire color etc. Have fun :) (The race #id is tbmsnowelfracevampire if you wanted to know)

12-9-12: v1.9 released; Vampires are still broken :( You will need to use Better Vampires to get the vampire working. (use the new power, click back 2x then yes) It will make you a vampire. ApachiiSkyHair works :D (all other custom hair mods should work too)

24-8-12: v1.8 released; Removed the buggy race, female skin tone is now less blinding.

24-8-12: v1.7 released; Better female texture :D

23-8-12: V1.6 released; should now be fully functional with werewolves and vampires :) (special thanks to nexus user expired6978 for this file > it helped so much)

23-8-12 v1.6 released; Werewolf and vampire now work :)

21-8-12: v1.5 released; added in 4 official snow elf hair colors. Should fix crashing in the race menu. Complexity issue addressed, read the descreption. (thanks to thebaron2494 for the idea :)

17-8-12: V1.4BETA released; added BETA female race

8-10-12: V1.3 released; fixed issues with complexity in character creation

8-10-12: V1.2 released; added new hairstyles and eye colors, as well as nerfing some abilities

8-9-12: V1.1 released; added full armor compatibility

8-7-12: V1.0 released; Initial releas

Thanks and Credits:
Special thanks to TMPhoenix and expired6978 for the vampire fix :)
Special thanks to nexus user ElFonz0, he has been with us from the beginning of this mod, testing it, reporting bugs, coming up with ideas for the mod etc.
Thanks TacobananaMan, you got this mod started :)
Thanks SONNYSPAK, for helping out in the development of this mod!
YOU! Yes, thank you, for downloading this mod, for supporing the authors, for your endorsements and ongoing support and feedback. We really do appreciate it guys ?