Axe of the Beastmaster by Vindar
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Last updated at 5:06, 9 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 2:02, 8 Aug 2012

Axe of the Beastmaster (v 1.0)
Created by: Vindar
A.K.A. _Rahvin_ on the Nexus

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Vindar's Value Pack, now located on the Nexus:

Adds the "Axe of the Beastmaster" to the game. It is located
In Pinepeak Cavern by Ivarstead.

The Axe of the Beastmaster increases the players 2-handed
damage as well as their stamina regeneration, it also asorbs
stamina when it strikes. when equiped the you can use the
"Call of the Beastmaster" greater power once a day which
enables you to calm attacking animals.

Additem Code: xx000d63
(consistantly on my machine, your's may vary)
("xx" is the load order of the mod)

(If code doesn't work, use: help "Axe of the Beastmaster" )

Item can be upgraded at a workbench using:
1 Ebony Ingot
1 Daedra Heart
1 Corundum Ingot

Copy the files to your:


folder, The texture folder and the Scripts folder will merge
with any existing folders, if not it will create new ones.

Once this is done activate the:


Via your prefered method, NMM, Wyre, or the default
Skyrim launcher. from here you should be all set to go.

This mod should be compatible with just about any
other mod out there, all things added used unique ID's
and did not touch any leveled lists.

Considering the simple nature of this mod, their are no
known bugs, If you do encounter one, feel free to let
me know, but please be nice.

(v 1.0) Initial release

Contact me if you intend to use my mod in anything you
intend to publish, I did create it, I want a say where it
goes and what is done to it. Personal use modification
is ok, but anything public, please contact me.