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If you use my other version for regular Skyrim, please uninstall that version and install this one, it comes with both chests, so you can keep your mod list smaller.

Skyrim default Edition (for those who don't own Dawnguard):


Adds a second chest in the Whiterun's Dragonsreach that allows you access to several items in an non-enchanted state.

These items are unaltered aside from their enchantments or 'playable' status. The actual item is duplicated and the duplication is edited, not the original. It should not cause problems.

If you'd like to see more items please let me know which ones. I will do Weapons, Armor and Miscellaneous items. I will not change their magical attributes, nor will I make 'God' items. Items which have a 'Playable' status that is supposed to be turned off will likely cause graphical collision with other items, use them as you deem fit.

Due to quite a few asking me, I have moved it to Whiterun's Dragonreach because it is always availible to the player, and have left it unlocked to remove the annoyance of a locked chest. I hope you appreciate this. :)

WARNING: This chest is set to refresh, which means it is NOT SAFE to place your own items in it. It WILL delete them.

Update1(Added Heavy and Light Dawnguard Helms by request)
Update2(Added Moth Blindfold (playable), Ancient Falmer Cuirass (Male different only, playable), and Serana's Hood (playable)

Items currently in the regular chest:
A full un-enchanted set of Nightingale armor, Blade and the Bow
The Jagged Crown
A Black Hood
Un-enchanted Mythic Dawn Robes (hooded and hood-less)
A full un-enchanted set of Thieves Guild Master armor and regular armor.
Un-enchanted Thalmor robes (Hooded and Hood-less)
A full un-enchanted set of Dark Brotherhood Shrouded Armor and the Short-Sleeve chest.
Dawnbreaker (Un-Enchanted)
Volendrung (Un-Enchanted)
Rueful Axe (Un-Enchanted)
Mehrunes Razor (Un-Enchanted)
Mace of Molag (Un-Enchanted)
Savior's Hide (Un-Enchanted)
Spellbreaker (Un-Enchanted)
Shield of Ysgramor(Un-Enchanted)
Helm of Yngol (Un-Enchanted)
Blade of Woe (Un-Enchanted)
Keening (Un-Enchanted)
Several different robes/hoods (including the Shrouded Robes and Psijic Robes)
Dragon Priest Helmets

Currently in the Dawnguard chest:
- Serana's Hood (Playable
- Ancient Falmer Cuirass Alternative (Male different only, Playable)
- Moth Blindfold (Playable)
- Aetheiral's Crown (Un-Enchanted)
- Aetheiral's Shield (Un-Enchanted)
- Vampire Royal Armor (Un-Enchanted)
- Vampire Royal Armor (Un-Enchanted) (female different only)
- Dawnguard Heavy/Light Helm (Un-Enchanted)
- Auriel's Bow (Un-Enchanted)
- Auriel's Shield (Un-Enchanted)
- Harkon's Sword (Un-Enchanted)
- Akaviri Sword (it wasn't enchanted, but you may want to re-enchant it)
- Anchient Falmer armor set (it wasn't enchanted, but you may want to re-enchant it)


You! Yes you... the person currently fingering these pages. How's it going? Good? That's great!

So I heard you 'expanded' your world a little. Something about Vampires and the like. You needn't explain your reasons, some people just like blood suckers. I personally don't care to have something feeding off the very thing that keeps me walking, talking and casting magical spells and poor helpless chests bound TO DO EXACTLY AS I COMMAND! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Sorry... again.

Speaking of chests and their master, that would be me, I've created a new chest and cast it into the future... or is it the past. I can never tell anymore. Regardless, it should be there in 3.2.1. It's already there, it would have to be, you're already reading this. This chest should contain many goodies that have been stripped of their magical properties and tossed carelessly into the chest. I especially like the shield, just look at it! No wait! Don't look at it, I want it.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this book and the chest. I try so hard to please someone I don't even know yet, erm sorry, ever, we will never meet.

PS: Please place me beside the other me-book, I'd like to talk to myself, since you'll probably just forget about me anyways.

PSS: I think I lost my coff- erm sorry. My 'Magicka Cup'... yes.

This is version 2.0 Dawnguard Edition