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Version 3.3 released!

Enter Vjarkell Castle, one of the first Player Houses using Dawnguard DLC assets! Due to an unfortunate series of events this castle has lost its rightful owner. It is up to the dragonborn to slay the evil that shadows over Vjarkell Castle and claim the castle for him or herself.

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  • German

Enter Vjarkell Castle! Due to an unfortunate series of events this castle has lost its rightful owner and has fallen into the hands of evil. It is up to the dragonborn to slay the evil that shadows over Vjarkell Castle and claim the castle for him or herself. You can find the castle in the 'Forgotten Vale' which you unlock during the Dawnguard questline. For other options, see the 'Installation' header.

I love the Dawnguard DLC. The Dawnguard Headquarters remind me of the castles of TES III: Morrowind and we get to see the Forgotten Vale, which has to be the most beautiful and scenic place in an Elder Scrolls game ever. I combined Dawnguard Castle and Ancient Falmer architecture to create what I think is a unique and fitting castle for your dragonborn and his companions to enjoy. Let me know if you like it or if you think something is still missing!

Castle Features:
  • Combination of the awesome Dawnguard HQ & Ancient Falmer architecture
  • Including a quest expanding on the backstory of the castle and unlocking a merchant
  • Fully furnitured and functional player house, thought out & detailed
  • Situated in one of the most scenic areas in any Elder Scrolls game to date: The Forgotten Vale
  • Satisfies all your crafting, cooking, sleeping, drinking, storing, collecting, worshipping & bathing needs
  • Safe storage (no respawning containers)
  • Ancient Falmer Treasury including a real Snow Elf merchant from times long forgotten
  • Including backstory and easter eggs
  • As lore respecting as possible
  • Infrastructure: Teleporting spells and discoverable map markers
  • NavMesh: The entire structure including dungeons has been NavMeshed. Your followers follow you everywhere.

Required for this mod:
Used for screenshots:
  • Cinematic Lighting ENB by HeliosDoubleSix, available here.

  • As always I recommend using the Nexus Mod Manager. Download the mod and simply click install. Manual installation: Place the .esp file, the /Scripts, the /Meshes and the /Textures folder in your /Data folder.
  • Enter the Forgotten Valley, climb up to the Frozen Lake and you'll notice the castle right away. Fight the Frost Giant to gain entry. The quest starts when you first enter the castle. If you want to see the castle but you haven't gone through the Dawnguard questline yet, use 'coc VjarkellCastleInterior'. But I wouldn't leave the castle if I were you, I'd consider it quite a spoiler.
  • For the teleport spell: Check the bar in the private quarters. Also note that the unlockable merchant sells a tome that teaches you to teleport to the treasury!
  • For the hidden areas: (1) Complete the quest, (2) check the Mara statue in the pantheon and (3) look beneath the pile of firewood in the living room.

  • The quest doesn't advance when reading Vjarkell's journal page! -> Drop it on the floor and read it, should fix this.
  • The merchant doesn't pay me money! -> Do you have any vendor gold increasing mods activated? Because the base amount of gold for Aldiaris is already quite high, and too much gold makes the game go glitchy.
  • The merchant is not showing any dialogue to hire staff for the castle. -> Check the work around posted at the top of this page.

  • Eldiabs for this modders resource. Besides that, his mods are awesome too and were an inspiring experience for me.
  • Oaristys & Tony67 for this modders resource. I used the treasury meshes. Thank you guys! You are awesome.
  • Blary for this modders resource. The meshes are a welcome addition for kitchen designing. Many thanks.
  • Everyone featuring this mod in YouTube videos. The effort you guys make leaves me speechless.
  • Dedmihail for translating the mod into Russian.
  • All the community members thinking with me and suggesting new features in the messages. Keep them coming!