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ALERT: Updating from version 1.2 to later information: If you are Updating from UFO compatible to UFO compatible, no action is necessary at this time. If you are Updating from UFO to EFF-AFT Compatible or to the newest version of EFF-AFT, please remove all items from storage containers, save outside the castle, then install the new EFF-AFT version.

Judging from the number of mods that change Breezehome, I know I'm not alone in finding it just a bit underwhelming as a player home, and as the home for a Thane of Whiterun. Originally this castle was intended to be both larger and customizable. However I currently lack the skill to build the necessary quest and link things together. So for the moment the castle is just sitting out in the world waiting for you to discover it. Eventually I will be able to have it available when you complete a significant portion of the main quest, though I will always have the non-lore friendly version for those that prefer it. Because not all of us fight dragons for a living.

The castle currently consists of 7 rooms.

The main entry way, containing all the necessary crafting equipment, as well as storage for your crafting items.

To the left of the main doors, down a short hall is a kitchen with cooking pot and seating.

To the right of the main doors, down another short hall is a door leading to an armory, with archery targets a dueling mat, weapon storage safes and weapon racks around the walls.

Across the main hall, are doors leading to a Mead hall, complete with chairs for 16 followers and a Jarls throne for you to sit on. Lit by a central fire the mead hall is perfect for leaving behind companions you don't want in comfort and safety.

A door nestled between the Alchemy Lab and Enchanting Tables, leads into the depths of the mountain where miners have begun digging for ore reserves. Heed well the notes left by the Miners. As you delve deeper into the mountain lights become more scarce. The miners have left some in a chest near the entrance if you're lacking your own.

Deep within the mines, the miners have located a heavily guarded dwarven ruin. While not all the traps continue to function, those that do are deadly. A maze lies further within, and beyond that, a challenge, not to be met by any but the mightiest of Dovakhiin. (Minimum Level of 30 recommended.)

Opposite the throne are a pair of double doors leading into the Companions Quarters, containing 16 bedrooms for followers to rest and relax in.

If you are using the EFF-AFT version of the castle, these double doors lead to the Companions Dormitories, which sleep upto one hundred and four minions. Unlike the Companions quarters, where each companion has their own spacious bedroom, the dormitories are both spartan, and largely impersonal.

Last of all, nestled in the back is the Master bedroom. It currently has a bed, personal weapon racks and wardrobes. The other side of the room contains a safe, set into the floor, protected by spear gates rising from the floor, and a pyramid of spears. A lever controls them and will allow you access and to seal it off from grabby companions.

1.0 - Initial release.
1.2 - Fixed nav mesh issue preventing followers from reaching the kitchen. Added Companions Quarters to castle, doors to mead hall. Miscellaneous additions. Lights dimmed.
1.3 - Added EFF-AFT compatible version, with sleeping space to accommodate up to one hundred and four companions.
1.4 - Added mines.
1.5 - Final Level of the Mine. Altered names of EFF-AFT areas to allow for easier modifications later.

Installation: Download with manager, and activate. Or download and unzip. ENSURE that ThanesCastle2.esp is AFTER ThanesCastle.esp or ThanesCastleEFF-AFT.esp in the load order to ensure the navmesh acts properly.

Uninstallation: Deactivate with manager, and delete mod. Or remove ThanesCastle.esp or ThanesCastleEFF-AFT.esp and ThanesCastle2.esp from Data folder.

DarkOne for the Nexus.
Bethesda for Skyrim.
Me for making the mod.
Kane4355 for telling me how to make the weapon racks.
LouisAT444 from Youtube for the Ore Veins and linking something to oil to make it disappear.