The Nights Embrace -bats power skill- by watcher2030
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Last updated at 4:51, 11 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 12:14, 7 Aug 2012

This is my first Skyrim mod.

I really liked the Vampire lord Bats power ever since I saw the trailer for Dawnguard, and I was a bit disappointed that it could only be used in Vampire Lord form and that the Bats power was unwieldy in enclosed spaces. So I made this mod..

This mod adds a spell book that gives a lesser power that functions similar to becoming ethereal, it uses that bats power animation for the effect and lasts for a few seconds during which the player can move around without taking damage.

The power is called "the Night's Embrace"

You don't have to be a vampire to use this mod

-tweaked mana costs & increased bat damage for full spell and high damage version

-increased bat damage per second
-also added higher damage spell
(the higher damage was kind of cheap, so can only be added via console: type help "The Night's Embrace" and use player.addspell to get the High Damage version)

- original power now costs mana
-added 2 new versions
Night's embrace (Offense) - similar to the night cloak power of the Vampire lord, a cloud of bats flouts around you damaging enemies
Night's embrace (full) combines both spell effects making you untargetable while you drain enemy life around you for 10 seconds
- put all spellbooks on the altar of Azura's Shrine

-Requires Dawnguard to use-

Where to find it:
The book can be found on the altar of Azura's Shrine. (see pic)

Alternatively you can use the console
-type help "The Night's Embrace"

-use the command

Video of it in action:
New Version 0.8a

-there is another book of the same name that does nothing but has text. It was originally intended to add the skill upon reading, however, I am currently having trouble opening dawnguard in the ck, so I doubt I can fix it to make it that way.

-You don't have to be a vampire to use this mod, I made this mod to work with my character who uses a custom race mod, since custom races can't be vampires outside of other mods, this was just easier to do.

-using this mod might cause problems with character eyes, it's a bug in skyrim and sadly, I don't have a fix. However, it did not affect me when using the Dawnguard Eyes - Glowing Eye Mod, it might help.

thanks to ArcticZero for helping me out with the technical stuff in the Creation Kit.