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Portable Crafting Kits for Skyrim
by MTichenor

NOTICE: If you find a bug, please report it! I can't fix it if I don't know about it. Also, send me a PM to contact me quicker if you have problems.

WARNING: Do not use the portable crafting kits while riding a horse, it can cause the camera to disconnect from the player, requiring a reload to fix the issue.


Have you ever wondered why you need to go all the way back to town to sharpen a sword or re-fit some armor when all you need is a whetstone, hammer, some basic materials and a good fire?

I do.

This mod adds portable crafting kits to the game for alchemy, cooking, enchanting, smelting, smithing, sharpening, and tempering. They can be created at any forge, and are listed under the "Misc" section, along with most of the other things you'll need to make them. You might have to pay a visit to your local blacksmith, alchemist, or wizard to pick up a few supplies first though.

For those who feel that portable crafting shouldn't be quite so easy or portable, you can check out the Dragonkiller Cart Reloaded mod, which adds a horse-drawn cart that can be upgraded with a smelter, enchanting table, and so on. Highly recommended!

Requirements, Installation, and Load Order

REQUIREMENTS: This mod requires the following other to mods be installed.

INSTALLATION: Nexus Mod Manager has (incorrectly) decided that any mod beginning with SkyRealism is the same mod. When installing SkyRealism mods, it may display a message saying: "A different version of SkyRealism - XXX has been detected. The installed version is XXX, the new version is XXX Would you like to upgrade? Selecting No will install the new Mod normally." You should click "No.", so that it will install the mod normally. It may give you warnings that certain files will be over-written. You should select "Yes to all" so that it will update any existing files to the latest versions.

Credits and Thanks

Thanks to Cordsnwires, Elys, Dogtown1, Dragten, Hothtrooper44, Ironman5000, Is this display name taken?, JaySuS, Nikinoodles, Nivea, MECR, Merilia, PrivateEye, theRoadstroker, and Tupii for giving me permission to use their mods as master file requirements for my own mods.

Thanks to T3nd0, Cordsnwires, and jjc71 for the suggestions, guidance, and support. Thanks to trainwiz, wobbuvahi, and David Brasher for making the mods that kept me hooked on Skyrim long after it should have lost its appeal.

Huge thanks to "Is this display name taken?" for making Crafting Complete, which was the primary inspiration for this mod, and the source for all the information necessary to make it!

Compatibility, Issues, and Troubleshooting

There should be none, but if there are, please report them in the comments section!

Change Log

Fixed crafting kit mesh. It should behave like a real object now.
Added several crafting kits and reagents all around riverwood and whiterun.
Added Fire Salts to Arcadia's vendor list, so it should be easier to the reagents for kits.

Changed crafting requirements to require clay for Mortar, Sharpening Stone, and Crucible. Now requires Hearthfire DLC.

Fixed one incorrect recipe (was supposed to make ladles, not more firewood). Also adjusted weights and values of crafting kits. They're a tad less expensive now.

Added several recipes and armor that will act as crafting kits.