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Note- this is a video for an old version. Current version is MUCH smarter and MUCH more balanced.

Newly Added NPC
Three new followers whom are all belong to Dark Brotherhood
High Elf, Dark Elf and Breton Females

The background stories for the followers ;

Our three assassins, as it turns out are Dark Brotherhood initiates. On the day our hero was found captured and enroute to Helgan for execution as the game opens. They were assigned to target one of the ThalmorAdvisors (unusual for initiates), but the three highly trained initiates were given the target assignment just the same. As they moved closer to their target, the Thalmor Warrior Guards discovered them and were about to move in to apprehend them.

They were nearly captured if it weren't for Dovahkiin and the distracting diversion he caused to enable their escape. Seeing a thiefsteeling a horse, thinking quickly, he was able to divert the guards' attentionto the horse thief. The thief rode swiftly but ran into the small Stormcloakentourage with Ulfric himself with them, the Thalmor Warriors right behind. All were arrested asspies and collaborators for the Stormcloaks.

And so our story opens with Ulfric, the Stormcloak Patrol,the horse thief and our hero enroute to Helgen for swift punishment at theHeadsman's Axe. However, our three beautiful assassins killed the Justiciar while the accompanying Thalmor Warriors were distracted. And now you have the opportunity to team TheDragonborn up with these deadly assassins who are more than willing to follow and fight for him and for you.

Written by LavaHawaii

AI Improvement

Newly created class and combat data specifically for assassin type followers to perform better.

Newly created Perks and spells for assassin characters to perform better.

Multy targetting enabled: seeking for the weakiest enemy instead of chasing one target forever.

Use of range/melee weapons under the correct situations.

Improved path finding during combat. (Not getting stuck somewhere and being so stupid.)

Use of backstabbing when possible.

Active use of Invisibility under the correct situations, such as:

1: when AI determinds that the assassin followers are getting too much attention from enemeies and must reduce threat from the enemies.

2: when AI determinds that the assassin followers are capable of getting close to enemeies with invisibility.

3: when AI determinds that the enemeies are using ranged magic/weapons and the assassin followers must get close to them without getting detected/attacked.

4: when AI determinds the assassin followers are getting out-threatend by too many enemies. (When this AI triggers, the assassin followers cast invisibility and run away for a bit and attack again.

5: when AI determinds it is necessary to cast invisibility under many other situations.
and so on.

Minimal energet (No slowing down your game.)

All three of them are starting at level 5, and will not use invisibility very often up until level 25. Once they become level 25, they will be performing in the way that you can see on my video. Their max level is 81.


"By The Shadow" - Having 15% chance of transforming into a ghost form that avoids all attacks for 3 seconds when getting hit,
"For The Shadow" - Having a higher chance of dealing critical damage when attacking while not beeing detected,
"To The Shadow" - Armor bonus. This however, only works when wearing Light armor, boots and gloves.
"The Fear" - Cast Rout to get out of trouble in combat.
"NPC Version of Shadow Warrior" - having a chance to stop combat for a moment and forces distant opponents to search for a target
"Preperation" - When attacking with one handed weapones, having 15% chance of paralizing enemeis.
"Blink" - A visual effect to dodge melee attacks

And many other perks such as "Silence", "Stealth", "Light foot", "Quiet casting", "Muffled movement" etc etc.

The location for the followers: Dawnstar Inn

Any other mod you want.

Works with all.

Required mod


Creation Kit
NPC Editor
Hair Pack
Easy NPC Creat Tool
"LavaHawaii" for story writings.