Unexpected Blades by Naranjisimo and testhc
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We have been featured in Skyrim Mods Weekly - Bits 'n' Bobs - #21!!!


Updated version 1.3.2
Fixed An - Xileel temper recipe.

Updated version 1.3.1
-Added 2 more weapons, one battleaxe and one 1h sword!
- Fixed a small texture issue in An-Xileel cleaver.
-Argonian Kindjal (and temporary An-Xileel Cleaver) now are craftable after you read "Halen - Zei notes #1", a Argonian blacksmith's journal that can be found at Madessi stack.
- Khajiiti weapons can be crafted after you read "Moonsugar Forging" a book about smithing by Imperial Scholar Vertius Liore. It can be found in Eorlund Gray - Mane's house.
You still need to complete the quest from Kharjo to craft Khajiit Long Dagger.

We have great plans for this mod, this is the first of many updates.

Welcome my fellow adventurers! This is our first mod and it\'s not for the faint of hearth. Deadly weapons from very distant lands make their way to the icy tundras of Skyrim to aid you in your everyday killing needs.

These weapons are made entirely from scratch with lots of love and care. Every sword and dagger have their own custom scabbard, and are standalone and craftable, although you\'ll have to meet certain requirements to learn how to craft them.

A very fast and light sabre with a deadly edge. Made by the Argonian Bladesmiths in Morrowind, it\'s the perfect weapon for the Shadowscales of old

Type: Sword
Weight: 7
Reach: 0.8
Speed: 1.2
Base Damage: 11
Base DPS: 13

You need the Arcane Blacksmith perk and read Halen - Zei's journal, located in Madesi stack, in Riften.

A long blade with a thick spine for parrying and slashing momentum. This blades are a symbol of status among the mountain clans of Elsweyir.

Type: Dagger
Weight: 5
Reach: 0.7
Speed: 1.2
Base Damage: 11
Base DPS: 13

You need the Advanced Armors perk, complete the Moon Amulet quest from Kharjo and read the book "Moonsugar Forging" located in Gray-Mane House to craft this.

The recurved bade of this weapon, very distinctive in Khajiit weaponry, makes it excel in both slashing and piercing attacks.

Type: Sword
Weight: 15
Reach: 1
Speed: 1
Base Damage: 15
Base DPS: 15

You need to read the book "Moonsugar Forging" located in Gray-Mane House and the Ebony Smithing perk.

Ancient Blade of the Akaviri Dragonguard

Type: Sword
Weight: 14
Reach: 1
Speed: 1
Base Damage: 15
Base DPS: 15
+40 dmg against dragons

You need to enter the SkyHaven temple (complete the quest Alduin's Wall) and the Daedric blacksmith perk.

Light, deadly, and fast for it's size. One of the many pole weapons that were employed in the guerrilla warfare tactics that made the An - Xileel Daedric Resistance so effective and feared.

Type: Battle Axe
Weight: 26
Reach: 1.3
Speed: 0.8
Base Damage: 24
Base DPS: 19

(This is temporary) You need to read Halen - Zei's journal, located in Madesi stack in Riften, and the Daedric blacksmith perk.

To install, Use the NMM or simply drag the data folder into your Skyrim diretory.

For everyone asking, the armor i'm using is the Nordic Hunter Armor, by frankdema.