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Last updated at 23:08, 6 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 23:01, 6 Aug 2012

Some changes to the White Phial you received at the end of "The White Phial" quest. I feel that the Vanilla version of the boost the phial give is underwhelming for a potion with 24 hours cool down so here's a version that gives it much needed boost. This will make a strategic use of the phial rewarding and balanced.

Phial refills after 24hrs of use.

Do vote/endorse/comment if you find this helpful :) or let me know if you want some tweaks to the effects. Please feel free to upload more images for the four other effect.

Here are the available six options in vanilla alongside the changes:

"Resist magic": 20% for 60 seconds on vanilla to 40% for 60 seconds.

"Tougher in battle": Fortify stamina 20 points 5mins vanilla to Fortify stamina 120 points 1hr + Restore Stamina 200 points.

"Better hidden in the shadows": 20% harder to detect for 60 seconds vanilla to 30% harder for 5mins + 20% more bow damage for 60 seconds + 20% one-handed damage for 60 seconds.

"Strengthen Magical Skills": Fortify Magicka 100 points 1hr + Restore Magicka 300 points.

"Deal More Damage in Battle": +50% one-handed damage 60 seconds + 50% two-handed damage 60 seconds.

"Power of healing": Fortify Health 100 points for 1hr + Restore Health 300 points.

Installation Note:
Just extract the esp to your /skyrim/data folder (where all the other .esp are) and check it under your list of .esp in skyrim launcher. Simple as that.

Just un-tick/delete the .esp.

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