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  1. Taylei
    • member
    • 165 posts
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    can you release this on the SE page?
  2. porgyorgy
    • member
    • 587 posts
    • 3 kudos
    how are people using this the skin fix ther is no msn files for xenius character enhancement head files
  3. TorNyan
    • member
    • 259 posts
    • 4 kudos
    Why are the scars almost removed from the lower lip as seen on two of the images?
  4. Claudia1288
    • premium
    • 117 posts
    • 2 kudos
    I only have 2 vampire mods: Better vampires and XCE Danwguard, and I don't know why I have those undead glowing eyes when I'm vampire:

    If you could help me I'd appreciate
    1. faeriexdecay
      • supporter
      • 4,751 posts
      • 164 kudos
      This looks like you have the bug that exists in vanilla Skyrim where the player gets unwanted magical effects accidentally attached to their character - in this case, looks like you may have the draugr glowing eyes. Google can help you find out how to remove it. Has nothing to do with being a vampire or the vampire mods you're using.
  5. zenkmander
    • premium
    • 176 posts
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    Has anyone figured out a fix for the head/body discoloration, aka neck seam bug? I know about the Skin Color Fix mod, but it's not ideal. There's the mouth not moving bug, plus I'm hesitant about doing the whole player.setrace thing to fix the eyes, since I have other mods that may be broken by that (SkyRe for example). And I'm not sure if you can even do that for vampire followers who get stuck with normal eyes.
    1. BabaDread
      • member
      • 60 posts
      • 0 kudos
      Im also getting the neck seam bug with npcs with the new faces. I think vamps with these faces have this problem and im using normal XCE mod too. I also use better vampires and when I turn someone into a vamp, they get this face but they keep the normal body.
  6. mathu713
    • account closed
    • 27 posts
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    for all people out there who think this mod is buggy because it doesn`t change the characters`s face to a bat-like one: it isn`t. it is a vanilla-styled graphics upgrade like xenius character enhancement is for normal faces and bodies >>

    there is no way in skyrim to get this bat-face except other mods or console-commands.
  7. GReddy420
    • member
    • 6 posts
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    I have this mod and am already a vampire.. my face looks nothing like this.... i have transformed and reverted, but still nothing?
    What am i doing wrong?
    1. Henry371
      • member
      • 9 posts
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      I think, this question isn't answered and maybe fixed yet. And I have the same problem here


  8. DenVildeHest
    • member
    • 275 posts
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    I guess its not advisable to optimize this mod with DDSOPT since that has a tendency to create artifacts on body mods?
  9. IMEEP2
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    Press the ~ key on your keyboard and type "showracemenu"
    Put your complexion to the farthest it will go and your character will have the bat-like face.
    To give them the nose too you need to change the nose. The new options are at various spots on the bar, so just look through the entire thing until you find one you like. Once you are done just save the character and name it something. Your hands might be bound together, and if they are press r and they will become unstuck.
    1. sAmCZ90
      • member
      • 84 posts
      • 1 kudos
      So this only work trough "showracemenu" command ?
  10. thordir
    • member
    • 685 posts
    • 44 kudos
    Does this also change Serana's eyes? Serana seems to have the new XCE eyes instead of the vanilla amber eyes.
    1. Stryker78
      • member
      • 45 posts
      • 4 kudos
      Serana uses, so she should not have been affected by this mod unless you used the optional file to replace it. If that is what you did, install or reinstall Xenius's High Quality Eyes mod to restore the original file.