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Added: 06/08/2012 - 02:54PM
Updated: 14/01/2013 - 05:14PM

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Last updated at 17:14, 14 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 14:54, 6 Aug 2012

This mod combines 2 principles:
1) better (best) near quality and worse far distance
2)colorful and wonderful enbseries, with all quality option at maximum

This config is for mid-high graphic cards and for who haven't too much ram to waste. On my geforce 570 there are about 33 fps outdoor with enb+occlusion+every kind of mod like textures.
In comparison with standard ultra settings there is an insane increase of fps, without any loss in quality (try to see on your system): fps are about DOUBLED (as you can read from the screens) in outdoors and no more freezes.
This mod is thinked for those who, like me, have lots of heavy mods like enb, textures, meshes, companions, and an increase in fps without losing quality is needed.

IMPORTANT: don't change setting before trying!

What is worse and what is better than standard ultra settings?

What is worse: shadow resolution (now is 2048 x 2048), reflex resolution on water, less detail on far distance

What is better: no intro, doubled grass density, much more shadow quality rendering!, no flickering, better indoors quality, grass torch and land shadows, better water effects (works best with update 9 or 10), more fps than standard ultra settings, no freezes, 3 levels of details for shadow (= more realism), ambient occlusion has infinite range

(with 3.0 version there are much more things better and improved fps without worsening anymore, really)



1) - skyrim configurator <---

download, unzip, open, file, import -> select my .xml file, Apply!

2) copy all files from my mod's folder named "copy in the main skyrim folder" and paste in your main skyrim folder

3) open skyrimprefs.ini and skyrim.ini in DocumentsMygames/skyrim folder and read what to do in the "insert in inis AFTER importing xml" folder

-> If you want anti-alias effect you must active the FXAA in skyrim configurator (not the msaa)

-> If you don't use any ENBseries you must go to "textures" in skyrim configurator and set anisotropic filter to 16.


PLEASE endorse if you try and you like it ;)


corrected night: was too black

updated xml (a bit increased distanced and gamma correction for new enb)
inserted a shadow fix command in enbseries.ini
totally changed enb files

finally corrected colors
enb 0.120!

corrected saturation and bloom

bloom file changed
added some important fix/tweaks in inis (like drawing grass and mouse lag)
effect.txt added
external palette added
changed default fov to 78 (right with 1920 resolution)
small fixes in enbseries.ini

corrected some values in enbseries.ini
modified enbeffect.fx
added a tip

minor increases in xml
totally reworked enbseries.ini! looks really beautiful now ^^

completely changed colors and minor other fixes in enbseries.ini
added 2 optional tweaks in a txt

Added a tip
correct xml
added manual lines to insert in inis

Corrected and now perfect shadows! sorry for last version issues!

Lights, shadows and grass distance have been increased (in last version they were decreased)
insert a link to an optional tool, really very useful
deactivated bilateral shadow filtering (useless and no quality difference) in enbseries.ini

completely revisited xml file without losing near quality -> reduced freezes caused by far high quality mod buildings
enb re-tweaked by me to improve quality (MAXIMUM ENB QUALITY) and edit colors filter

minor fixes as unload cells on fast travels, increased decals distance (important for some textures) and decreased number of moving trees contemporary

skylighting quality and filter are now at max quality (better than original enbseries file)
increased distance of view for high detail trees
minor fix: ssao sampling quality

xml file is the same as 1.3 beta
"enbseries.ini" is improved and for new 0.117 version of ENBseries. Quality is maximum. Fps are doubled respect to others enb modified. Depht of field is the only effect disabled.

1.3 beta:
included "enbseries.ini" for 0,114 version of original enb. This ini is with all quality option actived except depht of field; has also some tweaks to improve freezes (without losing any quality) and has low "Sampling Range" (= more detail (than original enb) near, less detail far).
minor changes: deactivated anisotropic filter becouse ENB handles it better! if you don't use enb you should active anisotropic filter in "texture" tab of skyrim configurator!

deactived fxantialias: everything is now more NITID, but if you play with low resolution you see pixels
-> 2 fps increase

increased grass distance by 50%
ambient occlusion has now infinite range!! (may need enb series ambient occlusion set to "true") - much better than standard "ultra" settings


- Someone ask me for screens comparison. I suggest: try by yourselves to use my files, watch fps and freezes and compare a screenshot with you precedent configuration ;)