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Ancient Sword of Hunger. Made of silver and the blood of a thousand innocents. It strikes down undead and the living alike.

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===== What is it? =====
Its a standalone retexture of the silver greatsword and sword with added new scabbard intended for a vampire or vampire hunter player. Goes great with my Vampguard Armor. Has absorb health enchantment added (you know "sword of hunger").

===== Changelog =====
3.00 - Cleaned up file (Where is 2.00? Be quiet! Nobody cares)
1.00 - Inital Release

===== Known Issues =====
Slight clipping of greatsword through scabbard on backside, this was done intentionally as I have yet to learn 3D modeling and so could not change shape of sword/scabbard to fit perfectly. My rational being that people shouldn't notice it that much if the clipping was not facing them.

==== How do you get it? =====
Craftable under "Ebony" Category at Forge. Improve at Grindstone.

===== To Do List =====
Texture updates
Bug fixes
Add lore

===== Installation =====
Copy the Data folder in your Skyrim folder
Activate the either Bloodrend.esp or BloodrendNoDLC.esp in the launcher.

Delete esp and associated texture/meshes.