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--------------------------------------------Followers Of Shannara--------------------------------------------------

This mod aims to bring aspects of the Shannara world into Skyrim. Currently it adds 12 new followers all with unique traits and abilities along the lines of their Four Lands counterparts. I do plan to add all sorts of other features as time passes. There are also some nice secrets hidden among the followers try and find them all.

Now all weapons have custom made textures to add to the uniqueness and make weapons more lore friendly to Shannara.

Currently some extra spell tomes are on some of the followers. These are new spells that will have quests to receive in later versions but for now you can get it off of them to play around with if you so choose. I have left most of their gear unenchanted so you can have some say in their usage.

1. Characters:

Found in The Arcaneum, the library in the mages college.

He is a superior skilled caster. Beware his Druid Fire if grouped with more than one follower, may cause arguments among your group. He has in his possession the great Elit Durin held by only the highest of druids. On occasion Allanon has also been known to don the great staff of Paranor.

Armor Type:

Weapon Type:
Casting/Staff Sword 

Found slightly north west of Dawnstar.

He is a strong Hand to Hander, a weapon would only weaken him so keep him weapon free. He does have the ability, among others, to get a damage bonus from equipping Heavy armor gloves. He also Carries the fabled Black Irix which was bestowed upon him by his people. Currently Keltset does speak, true fans will know he was mute, I'm working on that and hope to fix it in a future update.

Armor Type:

Weapon Type:

--------------------------------------------------Menion Leah--------------------------------------------------------
Found at the inn at Ivarstead, which is sort of west from Riften.

Menion, the Prince of Leah Will be found having a drink. He carries the, post dipped Sword of Leah which wasn't imbued until Rone's days, but hey Menion needs a magic sword to survive. The sword is the main source of Menions powers but he is a well rounded fighter whatever the case. He also carries his faithful Ash Bow, and uses the shout of his family, The Call of Leah.

Armor Type:

Weapon Type:
Sword one handers, whether alone, duel wielded or with a shield, I prefer by its self as he has different abilities for each type.

Found in Riften's lower area.

She is the adopted daughter of Cephelo, a Rover. It is stated that her real father sold her to Cephelo, as he already had several pretty daughters and rovers often sell their wives or children. Eretria was a skilled Rover and stays as such in the world of Skyrim. She is Skilled in the many ways of the assassin. She also has learned the old world skill of her Rover kin, a torrent of poison that she will hurl from a distance until close enough to use her deadly Rover daggers.

Armor Type:

Weapon Type
Duel Wield Daggers

----------------------------------------------------Tiger Ty------------------------------------------------------------
Found in the tavern in Rorkstead, which is a ways west of Whiterun.

A Wing Rider who rode the Roc called Spirit. His ability with a bow was only surpassed by his skill with big weapons. Being a Wing Rider he has developed the voice power of his kin which he uses to a deadly end.

Armor Type:

Weapon Type:
Two Handers, preferably two handed axes.

-------------------------------------------------Jerle Shannara------------------------------------------------------
Found in the upstairs area of the palace in Windhelm.

Jerle is captain of the Home Guard, the elite group of Elven soldiers whose sole duty is to protect the King. Jerle is distantly related to the Elven king, but he becomes next in line for the throne when the Warlock Lord's minions assassinate the entire royal family. Among his possession lies the great Sword of Truth, the greatest sword in all the four lands.

Armor Type:

Weapon Type:
Sword and shield

----------------------------------------------------Garet Jax---------------------------------------------------------
Found hanging around outside the Solitude stables.

Garet Jax was a renowned Weapons Master, skilled in every Weapon known to man. No one could defeat him, so he claims, and many people who saw his battles can testify to that. His aim in life is to find an opponent that can match him in battle. When Jair Ohmsford and his nine Gnome captors were traveling through the Black Oaks, he rescued Jair after killing six, knocking out the leader, Spilk, and chasing away one. The last, Slanter, did not even bother to lift his knife, as he knew who the cloaked figure was.

Armor Type:

Weapon Type:

Found wandering the docks in Morthal.

Slanter left the Eastland at a young age, learning the skills of tracking from an old Borderman. He tracked for the Mord Wraiths simply because it was the smartest thing to do, and did not particularly enjoy it, even though he tracked Allanon. Slanter followed the Druid's trail to Shady Vale, where he had an encounter with Jair Ohmsford. Jair attacked him with the Wishsong. Jair made the illusion of many snakes wrapping around Slanter's body, and then Jair used a tree branch from an old maple to render him unconscious. Slanter later came after Jair, capturing him and turning him over to his master from the gnome race. Later, when Jair was rescued by the Weapons Master, Garet Jax, Slanter went with them on their quest, and developed a strong bond with the Valeman. 

Armor Type:

Weapon Type:
Duel Wield/Archery

-------------------------------------------------Par Ohmsford--------------------------------------------------------
Found at the Sleeping Giant Inn, in Riverwood.

Par was born into a time when the majority of the Four Lands was under the control of The Federation. Par, as the descendant of Jair, has the magic of the Wishsong. Par intended to spread the old stories beyond Shady Vale, and this eventually brought him and his brother, Coll, to the Borderland city of Varfleet. However, the brothers were soon noticed by Rimmer Dall and his Seekers. Luckily, they were able to escape with the help of the Free-born resistance and along the way met Cogline. He came to tell Par that the dreams he had been having for some time before had been sent by Allanon, and that he, his cousin Wren Ohmsford, and his uncle Walker Boh were to go to the Hadeshorn.

Armor Type:

Weapon Type:
One handed

Found at a small pond next to the roadway south east of Whiterun, refer to the picture on the image tab.

Whisper was a moor cat who was owned by Kimber Boh and lived near Hearthstone. Whisper was dark grey with spreading black panels on his flanks that ran upwards along his back. Black face, ears and tail. Wide, almost cumbersome looking paws. He measured well over ten feet. Massive, shaggy head. Corded muscles rippled beneath it's sleek fur. Luminous, deep blue eyes. Gleaming, razor-sharp teeth.

-----------------------------------------------------Kimber Boh-------------------------------------------------------
Found Hanging out around Mixwater Mill, which is north west-ish of Riften.

Kimber is the intelligent and quick witted granddaughter of Cogline and ancestor to the legendary druid Walker Boh. Kimber loves to explore and never goes anywhere without her faithful pet Moor cat, Whisper. Although in Skyrim circumstances have left separated. Kimber later married the famous Ohmsford Jair, he and his sister Brin were first to develop the use of the great magic known as the Wishsong.

Armor Type:

Weapon Type:

-----------------------------------------------------Cogline Boh------------------------------------------------------
Found studying with the Greybeards up in High Hrothgar.

Cogline is the grumpy old grandfather to Kimber. The two take care of each other and their pet Moor cat, Whisper. Cogline is thought to be the crazy old man who lives out in the wilderness, though he is actually an old druid who acts this way to keep others away, and maybe there is a little crazy there too. His studies were in the old sciences and worked with powders and potions more than the common druid magics. 

Armor Type:
Light or Cloth

Weapon Type:
Magic and staves

2. Installation:

1. Extract and merge the zipped Data folder with your Skyrim Data folder.
2. Choose only one .esp file from the two .esp file folders and drop your chosen .esp into your Data folder as well.
3. Load your Skyrim launcher and activate the mod.
4. (Optional) Load order should be near or at the bottom of the list, should be there by default.

3. .esp file folders:

There are two .esp folders in the .zip file. They are Essential and Respawn. Only choose one of these to install and activate.Essential: Followers can not die.Respawn: Follower can die but will respawn in parent cell after cells are cleared.

4. Requirements:


5. Recommendations:

UFO for the amazing added abilities, a must for any follower.

CMCompanions great mod from Oblivion still a great mod in Skyrim.

6. Conflicts:

Should be none, if used with follower adjusting mods load this mod after them.

7. Updates

Version 1.3

Added custom re-textures to all 16 of the followers weapons, where possible they are now more lore friendly to Shannara's look
Re-tuned all weapons to better balance the follower they belong to
Further tuned many spells
Further tuned combat aspects

Version 1.2

Added 2 new followers bringing the total to 12
Fine tuned and tested many, many things
Now more lore friendly to both Shannara and Skyrim
Keltset is now focused to use heavy armor to further support his weaponless hand to hand style and bonuses
Fixed a couple bugs

Version 1.1

Added 5 new followers
Minor tuning
Added more Shannara Relics
Some Optimization

7. Special Thanks

The Great Terry Brooks for creating the world of Shannara.

Blackie of the CM Companion mods, I studied his work to learn how to create followers for Skyrim.