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Removes the "+1 24000 Hour" long effect of the Lava Imagespace from having touched the lava in the Atherium Forge

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Over 1000 Endorsements!
Even for something as simple as this, knowing I've helped improve your game experience, even just a little, makes any time spent on the project well worth it. I know 1000 is a small number compared to many other mods on the Nexus, but my mods never get many endorsements. My only other mod to come close, is my New Vegas water mod, lol. Anyway, thank you!

What it Does
Fixes the potential Lava Imagespace bug that destroys your vision for an infinite time at the Atherium Forge

Basically, even using my Ethereal Form shout to explore the lava at the Atherium Forge, I was plagued by a bug. All seemed well, I got out alive, exited the area and went to travel to my next destination, then BAM! My screen washed out with a red haze, as if I'm swimming in lava. It will -not- go away. I check magic effects and I have an effect from Lava Imagespace with a duration of "+1 24000 Hours".

My only options were reload from before the swim and just not do it.. or fix the bug! I chose the latter.

If you're suffering from the same bug as I, hopefully this will help. It removes the visual effect and changed the duration to a simple 1 second.

Note: This will affect the way the lava looks when swimming in it. The damage done from swimming, however, is still very deadly without the right preparation.

Put this ESP file in your Skyrim/Data folder and activate it

Delete the ESP.