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Last updated at 20:03, 7 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 2:16, 6 Aug 2012

This mod overhauls the stats of the Skyrim artifacts to best reflect the lore surrounding them, and stay as true as i can to all games in the TES series.

I also plan on making every unique items enchant just that, unique, some good examples include Keening and the Archmage robes, now these items enchants are unique, but they are lacking in some ways on purpose, this is in place so enchanting is never devalued.

Other good examples include items like Auriel's Bow, or Mace of Molag Bal, while their enchants are completely unique to the items the pure damage effects will never surpass self enchanted weapons, and on the other side of it, no self enchanted items will ever surpass their utility.

This mod is built to be very balanced, if you notice anything being game breaking just tell me and i'll see what can be done, most items have been added to a smithing perk and given a material as well!

This mod is completely modular, All of the original enchants and effects are intact meaning you can go into the CK and swap out any of the effect that you dislike with the originals!

This mod will be part of a series of mods to change many of Skyrims balance flaws, the other parts to go with this mod are.

Crafting Balance Mod Here
Combat Balance Mod Here

ISSUES: NOT COMPATIBLE WITH VANILLA! Dawnguard required, this will not work with other mods that change values of the items edited by this mod

Changelog Version 2.3 Remastered------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Most artifacts worth more! i will be tweaking the gold to exact amounts eventually but for now it's a bit messy.

Rebalanced Artifacts.
Mace of Molag Bal - Drain slightly nerfed
Rueful Axe - Enchant slightly nerfed, but base damage increased.
Mehrune's Razor - Poison damage slightly nerfed.
Savior's Hide - Magic Res increased.

New Enchant visuals for the following items!
Volendrung - Red drain on hit effect. Energy cracks enchant shader.
Wuuthrad - Simple blue on hit effect. No enchant shader.
Blade of Woe - Black fog on hit effect. Purple enchant shader.
Nightingale Sword - Red on hit effect, No enchant shader.
Nightingale Bow - Cold mist on hit effect. Blue enchant shader.
Rueful Axe - Silver on hit effect. Silver enchant shader

New Enchants for the following items!
Volendrung - Drains 7 health over 10, and has a 10% chance to paralyze targets for 10s.
Blade of Woe - 25 Damage to Magicka and Health, this damage cannot be resisted or negated.
Nightingale Sword - Absorbs 10 health every hit, has 25% faster swing speed than other swords.
Nightingale Bow - Deals 40 points of frost damage over 3s, and slows the enemy by 50% for the same duration.
Rueful Axe - Silvered and stamina damage reduced to 40/50 and 30/50 but base damage increased to 28!
Keening - Fortify Health 30 points. Fortfiy Magicka 50 points. Increases melee damage by 15. Deals 10 points of constant damage to the player.
Staff of Magnus - Deals <50> damage to enemies and drains half that amount and Health and Magicka.

Changelog Version 2.2 Remastered------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Just cleaned stuff up, namely descriptions and a few other minor things.

Changelog Version 2.1 Remastered

Volendrung - Drain Health 20 for 2 seconds, from 5 over 30 seconds
Ebony Mail - 35% fire resist, and 15 flamecloak damage, up from 25/10
Blade of Woe - 20 damage, and 60 magicka damage, up from 25/25
Wuuthrad - New! damage magicka 75. Resist poison 25%. Resist magic 10%.
Wuuthrad can now be upgraded at a grinding stone.
Keening - Can now be upgraded at a grinding stone.
Harkon's Sword - now absorbs 25/25/25 up from 15/15/15.
Damage increased to 14 up from 8.
Auriel's Bow - Damage increased to 20 up from 19, Turn undead enchant removed.


Auriels Bow

Notes: No longer needs charge.

Damage: 19 up from 13.

Deals 20 points of sun damage, and triple to undead.

Blade of Woe

Deals 25 damage to Magicka and Health, the damage is not reduced by any resistances!

Ebony Blade

Damage: 24 up from 11 Item now properly benefits from the Two-Handed perk tree.


Notes: No longer needs charge.

Damage: 12 up from 8.

Fortify Health 30 points.
Fortfiy Magicka 50 points.
Increases melee damage by 15 points.
Deals 10 points of constant damage to the player.

Mace of Molag Bal

Absorb magicka 7 points for 15s.
Absorbs stamina 7 points for 15s.

Mehrune's Razor

Notes: Removed the unused charge meter.

Damage: Unchanged

Poison damage 7 for 15 seconds.
Chance to instantly kill target.

Rueful Axe

Notes: No longer needs charge.

Damage: 28 up from 22.

Damage done to undead and werewolves increased by 40.
Damage Stamina 30 points on hit.


Damage: 27 up from 25.

Absorb Health 7 for 10 seconds
10% Chance to paralyze for 10 seconds


Damage: 27 up from 25.

Damage Magicka 50 points,
Increases your Spell resistance by 10%.

Staff of Magnus

I know this item won't work for the last college quest, there are a few easy fixes on the users end to avoid this, Either you can turn off the mod for the last college quest or go in and change the staff back to it's original enchant through the CK, i've left all of the items original effects and enchants untouched.

Deals 50 damage a second, absorbing half of the amount as Health and Magicka.

Skull of Corruption

Does 50 damage 100 after eating dreams.


Ebony Mail

Fire Resistance 35%
Magic Resistance 10%
Permanent Firecloak 15 damage per second

Saviors Hide

Armor: 41 up from 26

Magic Resistance 60%.

Archmage Robes

Helmet removed, you can now wear helmets with the robe with no issues!

Increases Mana regeneration by 125%
Increases potency of all spells by 20%



Helmet: No longer leveled, pending feedback for stat adjustments
Armor: No longer leveled, pending feedback for stat adjustments
Gloves: No longer leveled, pending feedback for stat adjustments
Boots: No longer leveled, pending feedback for stat adjustments

Bow: No longer leveled.

Deals 40 points of frost damage over 3s to target. slows enemy movement speed by 50% on hit.

Sword: No longer leveled.

Absorbs 10 points of health. attacks 25% faster than other swords.


Item: No longer leveled.

Deals 40 bonus damage to dragons.
Deals 20 Shock damage, and half as much damage to magicka.

Chillrend, Gauldur Blackblade, Gauldur Blackbow, Shield of Sulitude, Amulet of Articulation, Mage's Circlet

Chillrend: No longer leveled.
Gauldur Blackblade: No longer leveled.
Gauldur Blackbow: No longer leveled.
Shield of Sulitude: No longer leveled.
Amulet of Articulation: No longer Leveled.
Mage's Circlet: No longer leveled.