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Skyrim Dawnguard ID Database

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a few things to note;

Search Function Searchs by Editor ID.

If Clipboard is Successful Will Appear Next to "Copy" (As Seen in Screenshot #2)

If Clipboard Fails Will Appear Next to "Copy"

Success Image Stays in place for 2 Seconds Before Nulling.
Fail Image Stays in Place Until Copy to Clipboard Button is Clicked Again.

File Contains Exit (could contain more in the future, depends on my plans)
Help Contains Support & About (Support Linking to GT thread, About being..about)

In order to Copy a Form ID to Clipboard, Simply Click the Desired ID on the Listview and then Click "Copy to Clipboard"

In order to Search for Desired Form ID, Enter the name of the Editor ID into the text box, and select Which Tab Contains it and Click "Search"