Glyphic Enchantment Effect by AwkwardPsyche
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Note: Thanks for all the kind words and love for such a simple mod, everyone. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to take requests for a while because of IRL work and my focus shifting to Fallout 4 for the time being. Feel free to PM me, though. :P

UPDATE 08.01.13: Uploaded Dawnguard Rune Axe glow remover optional file.

- Intro -
I always pictured the glowing enchantment effect to be more of a magical inscription on the weapon rather than the enveloping glow as depicted in the game. Myopic's Enchantment Effect Replacer inspired me to mess around with the enchantment texture, and the results turned out surprisingly well.

- Description -
Version 2 contains styles in five separate alphabets found in TES lore:

  • Daedric
  • Dragon
  • Dwemer (or dwarven)
  • Falmer (or snow elven)
  • An esoteric alphabet identified by the game's files as "mage script"; it shows up in weird books like the Oghma Infinium

Each style has replacers for the weapon enchantment texture, which (like it says on the tin) shows up on any enchanted weapon. In addition, each one also has replacers for the body 'enchantment' texture, which most apparently shows up with the mage armour spells (Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, etc). This second texture is shared by several magical effects and will affect other spells, such as Frost Cloak (check the images section for an example).

This mod is simple and compatible with any mods EXCEPT those that also replace the same textures.

Now, you may be thinking "But why didn't you just make a mod that tells X effect to use Y textures so it doesn't change other effects?" 'Cause I didn't consider that 'til I saw the interference the body textures had. I also don't know how to make such a mod, yet. Once I figure it out, I'll release a separate mod for that.

- Instructions -
Installation (NMM):
Open the zip file in NMM. Activate and select the options you want to use.

Installation (manual):
Within the main zip file are five folders, one for each style. Within the style folders are separate ones for weapon and body enchantments. Within those are the replacer folders and files.

To install, for example, a daedric weapon enchant replacer, open the "Daedric" folder, then the "Weapon Enchantment" folder. Copy the "data" folder to your Skyrim directory (by default, located at "C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim"), replace if necessary. Use this same process for other styles and the body enchant replacers.

Uninstallation (NMM):
Deactivate and/or remove from NMM.

Uninstallation (manual):
Navigate to "data\textures\effects" folder in your Skyrim directory (see above). To uninstall the weapon effect replacer, delete the file "". To uninstall the body effect replacer, delete the file "".

- Permissions -
Modify it, reupload it, whatever, just acknowledge me in a footnote somewhere.

- Credits -
Bethesda for the original file and the game itself.