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Khajiit may have long nails, but how does that help them if they're clawing at someone in full steel armor? Their puny nails would crack and break if they so much as tried to penetrate armor. So, if your can't puncture or slash at something, you have to force your way through it. Who does that best? Not a puny nord I tell you, nor a stuckup altmer, and don't you even mention Bosmer. Orcs are the best at breaking their way through anything with sheer blunt force, and this mod helps emphasize that. It simply makes the Orcs the best at brawling, and punching things in general. Khajiit still retain their bonus, and are at Eight points of unarmed damage. Orcs, however, have been buffed to Ten to show who's really in charge. You'll think twice before brawling with an Orc now.

It's just a simple .esp file, just drop it into your skyrim data folder, and active the .esp file in your skyrim launcher/NMM

to uninstall just delete the .esp