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special thanks to SkyrimSpotlights and V1ctoriaScarlet for making the videos. The textures seen in these videos have since been improved.

I find that most high level armours look rather silly, in that they seem to be designed to woo maidens, rather than protect from the sword swings of one's foes; that's why these hauberks are designed to look rugged, functional, and bad arsed.

Chainmail hauberks adds sixteen different light chainmail cuirasses under, three main archetypes (jerkin, tunic and surcoat), to skyrim. They are well balanced and spread out enough to be useful to both low and high level characters.
The armours are split into three archetypes, two of which have several variations.


no variations

variations bearing the insignia of each of Skyrims nine holds
Three nonspecific variations

All armours and each of their variations have custom textures, and there are custom meshes for female characters.
The armours can be crafted, bought in shops, and found on various enemies.

If you have any complements, questions, suggestions, or particularly inspired insults, please make no hesitation to wildly fling them in the general direction of my face.
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Some custom variations this armor can be found in the mod Cyathea dealbata Town Mod armors
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