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The true Nord warrior boldly displays his stout heart before his enemy. Inspired by Tsun, shield-thane of Shor, this is the armor set for the bold and mighty. So gird your loins and head into battle with Stoutheart Armor.

This is a \"cosmetic\" lore friendly armor set for multiple tiers. There are recipes for both light and heavy versions. The recipes require the same perks and materials as their standard counterparts.

The cuirass protects a bit less than normal, but is also lighter in weight. There is a choice of circlet or helmet (bear or horned) for the head.

Note: This armor is meant for the heavyset male character. It will appear as steel armor in previews and when worn by females, but appears as Tsun\'s armor when worn by males of any race.

Heavy Armor Sets:

Stoutheart Steel Armor
Stoutheart Plate Armor
Stoutheart Champion Armor (ebony)
Stoutheart Warden Armor (daedric)

Light Armor Sets:

Stoutheart Leather Armor
Stoutheart Scaled Armor
Stoutheart Scout Armor (glass)
Stoutheart Ranger Armor (dragonscale)

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Changes 1.1
- Appears as steel armor in previews and when worn by females.
- First person view is fixed (bug was most noticeable when wielding a bow).

Changes 1.2
- Added helmets

Changes 1.3
- Added light armor

Changes 1.4
- Fixed world models for females

Changes 1.5
- Fixed missing specular map (shininess) on male body