Elegant Vampire Armor - Dawnguard by DianoraRose
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Added: 05/08/2012 - 01:18AM
Updated: 23/08/2012 - 07:16AM

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Last updated at 7:16, 23 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 1:18, 5 Aug 2012

The Vampire Armor in Dawngard is dramatic and gorgeous, but I felt it was lacking in depth and visual interest. This mod adds a subtle embossed leather texture to both the male and female armor, as well as the Royal Vampire Armor.


Textures: Smoother sleeve textures.

Fix: Leather Gauntlets have been set back to vanilla crafting recipe. It was changed in error.

1. High Resolution Textures: Textures are now enhanced and 2048px.

2. Valerica's Armor: Valerica's Royal Armor can now be crafted, along with a matching Royal Hood. These are unenchanted and female only. Male versions will be default Royal Armor.

3. Harkon's Sword: An unenchanted version of Harkon's Sword can be created at the forge. It is found under Steel.

4. Smithing: Includes recipes for unenechanted versions of all Vampire Armor, Vampire Royal Armor, Vampire Boots, Vampire Gauntlets, Valerica's Royal Armor, and Vampire Royal Hoods. They can be found under Leather.

5. Tempering: All Vampire armor pieces, Royal Vampire pieces, and Harkon's Sword can be tempered. Enchanted versions require the Arcane Blacksmithing perk.

6. Improved Items: All armors have been significantly improved. They are not game breaking, but I feel better suits higher level characters, or those playing on higher difficulty. Harkon's Sword has also been improved.

7. Alternate Textures: The Dark optional file replaces the light colored sleeves on the Vampire Armor with black sleeves, suitable for your assassins and thieves, or those wishing for a darker look. The Royal Purple file replaces the rather pink shade of the Vampire Royal Armor with a deep, dark purple.

Note: This new version should still work fine with CBBE and UNP versions of this armor. The only meshes it contains are for first person, ground and hood.