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A follower/companion mod for those with Oblivion nostalgia! :D

The Adoring Fan had a hard time staying all time of 300 years alone with the Daedra,in the Daedric realm of Oblivion where the Champion of Cyrodill forgot him. But the Plains of Oblivion are immortal dimensions,and thus the Adoring Fan has managed to survive for a full of 300 years,in Oblivion.
But as Alduin returned to life,the cosmos shivvered,and all things originating from Mundus returned to Mundus.
Thus the Adoring Fan returned to Tamriel,alive,300 years later.
But now the Champion of Cyrodill is nowhere. It doesn't matter.
The Adoring Fan have heard of the mysterious hero with the supernatural powers that lives in Skyrim... The Dragonborn!!!!

Place the .esp file on the Data folder,along with the rest of your .esp files.

The Adoring Fan is searching for the Dragonborn in Whiterun. You can meet him there,on Whiterun's streets.

* Voice Acting.
* Add unique dialogue.