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A beer brewery that can also be used as player home. You can brew beer going through all the process (create barley malt, mash, boil, etc...).

- Grain mill for crushing barley malt.
- Your own hops plants (located behind the mill), producing 500 female flowers every 7 days.
- Germination pool.
- Dryer.
- Private beer cave for beer conditioning and yeast storage, accessible from the kitchen, removing the rug.
- 3 different tanks for mash, boil and fermentation.
- Pipe system with valves.

I tried to make this simple, but respecting as much as I could the beer brewing process. You WILL have to wait 24 hours both for barley germinating and another 24 hours for barley drying. As for mash, and wort boiling, it's up to you. You can patiently and realistically wait around, eat or drink something..., or just sprint around clicking valves to finish the brew as fast as possible.

The fermenting takes 3 days anyway, so you will have to wait here too.

I've added a lore-friendly book inside the brewery, trying to explain the process. Should be enough in case you know nothing about brewing beer. Hopefully your real-life beer will taste different once you brewed your first batch in Skyrim, unless you use to drink some industrial [censored], in which case it doesn't matter.

First Batch
To make things easy, I've added some barley malt sacks around the mill, enough for a first batch. You can use those, or just order barley at Solitude and create your own barley malt. In any case, I've tried to make it so you don't have to wait for ingredient respawn. Each hops plant will give you 500 units every 7 days, and you have three of them, while a beer batch just needs 100 hops units (you can drop more, if you want, anyway).

Also, when ordering barley at Solitude you can order as much as 10000, and there are no limits when germinating and drying. Keeping in mind each batch uses 850 units of crushed barley malt, I think it's enough for brewing beer without worries about spawning, waiting, etc.

- 1) Where do I get more barley?
Solitude, East Empire Company, at the docks.
- 2) Aren't they any more types of hops, yeast or malts?
Not for now. Not sure if they will ever be. I though on adding a few types, stick to them and name the beers differently, but that means a lot of work and more control on what you can drop, when, etc... It's not that easy.
- 3) Yeast, unkown ingredient? wtf?
Man, it's a book inside a fantasy game in a medieval world. They of course didn't know that yet.
- 4) I've got a drunk mod but I don't get drunk with my own beer!!
This is normal, because this beer is not an item that comes with the game. I may add the drunk effect later.
- 5) I produced a batch, and bottled. Where are my bottles?
They aren't actual items until you claim them. When bottling, you're supposed to place them on aging shelves. Go to any of the shelves lying around in the cave, and activate them. You will get a beer bottle.
- 6) How many beer per batch?
Each batch uses 850kg of barley malt for 2500 liters of water, producing 2500 beer bottles. So these are the ones you can get from the shelves. Of course if you produce another batch, you'll have 5000, and so on...

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