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Upon request I have started a Final Fantasy 7 companion mod. Sephiroth is also now available as a separate file, as either a companion or villian.

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NEW: As requested I have added 3 of the Kingdom Hearts characters, Sora, Kairi, and Riku. They can be found in Rorikstead inn. There is a main file listed for them.

Do not ask for keyblades or outfits for them, I will not make them.

NEW Sephiroth: NEW

Required: Had the wrong hair pack listed, you need "New Hairstyles Pack for Men" found at by Chris57

Added as a companion or enemy. Choose which one you want in your game, as they are separate .esp files. As a companion he can be found at the entrance of the High Hrothgar building. As an enemy he is to the left (down a slope) of the Shrine of Azura.

Companion: Nord Male (Custom class: Death Knight) Level 25.
I recommend a mod found on the Nexus which would provide the Masamune blade
He is marriageable.

Enemy: Very high level (100) think of him as the "Ultima Weapon" of Skyrim :P I recommend using a large party of companions if and when you face him. If you are also using my FF6 mod, he is in the same location as Kefka. They will most likely be fighting each other when you find them, if Kefka is still alive.


Final Fantasy Companion Mod:

Upon request I have started a Final Fantasy 7 companion mod.


-Cid: 2-handed (Recommend "Nordic Spears" found on the nexus to add spears to your game)
-Vincent: Nightingale (Recommend "Dwemor Rifle" by EdgyBluz on the Nexus)
-Barrett: Sorcerer (This allows 1-handed/Destruction to work with "Dwemor Buster" by EdgyBluz on the Nexus)
-Yuffie: LockpickTrainerMaster (She has been given a variety of perks to make her formidable as a ninja/theif)(Recommend dual weilding one-handed weapons or archery). With this class she should be able to lockpick some doors for you.
-Cait Sith: combatmystic (a variety of alteration/illusion spells)

Marlene Wallace is also added as an NPC in the Candlehearth Hall, I am currently working on making her a pawnbroker vendor, who you can buy/sell from, this is a WIP.

Plans for Version 3: Villain Sephiroth, Vendor Marlene functional, RED XIII. (1-2 WEEKS)

*Please bear in mind these are simply a basic form of the characters created by Square-Enix. They are simply interpretations suited to fit into the Skyrim world.

*I have no knowledge of how to create weapon mods, or outfits. These characters are using skyrim weapons and armors that I felt matched them in some way.

Version 1.0:
This being said to enhance your experience there are other mods out there that give more FF experience. There is an outfit mod for Tifa from Advent Children for example.

I highly recommend adding a "fist weapon" mod for Tifa (tome349fistweapons by tom349), Sageoutfit for Aeris (DQ3sagoutfit), and some form of sleek black armor for Cloud (maybe berzerk black swordsman armor by Zenl).


Cloud Strife (2-handed combat) (essential)
Tifa Lockhard (Combat Monk) (essential)
Aeris Gainsborough (Combat Magic - Destruction/Conjur/Rest) (non-essential!)

Location: Windhelm (Candlehearth Hall)

1. They are all marriageable
2. They each come with multiple perks.
3. Recommend UFO to add more magic to Aeris if you wish to.
4. Be careful with Aeris, she can die!

I will be working on adding more characters later... I am working on making a saber cat pet mod so if I get that working I will add Red XIII. I can add Yuffie, Vincent, and Cid soon. I am open to suggestions on what to do with Barrett... as there are no arm-guns.

I realize these characters may not "look" exactly like the real ones, so please no angry responses that I haven't made your idea ff characters perfect.

I will only take requests based on what is available within the Skyrim game.


Capy the main esp file to your data folder.... merge meshes and textures with the same folders within data. They are pathed correctly to make installation easy. Then activate in your mod manager.

Any issues with installation or requests please message me or leave a comment.

The only mod required is Apachiiskyhair

But I highly recommend a younger face mod and UFO for extra followers. These greatly enhance gameplay.

Mods that I use:

Dwemor Rifle - EdgyBluz
Dwemor Buster - EdgyBluz
Nordic Spears - ?
Cloaks - ?
Dual Weild - ?
UFO - ?
ApachiiSkyhair - Apachii
Younger Faces (Men) - Geonox I believe?
A variety of body/face mods. (Male/Female) - ?
AdditionalNpcFollowerVoices- ?
BetterVampires -Brehanin2

These should all be found on the Nexus. I need to look up the authors.