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-Adds Crossbows to the leveled lists of Bandits and Soldiers. -Adds new bolt types. -Increase in damage - Crossbows are much more dangerous. -Recipes added so they can be crafted in forges. -Bolts and crossbows available at vendors. -New bolts and crossbows!

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Isn't it funny how it requires years and years of martial training in the longbow to be able to use it effectively, yet 90% of skyrim are masters at it's use and operation?

Crossbows revamped changes this. Crossbows, as guns would centuries later, revolutionized medieval warfare. Peasants could be quickly trained in their use and operation, unlike the use of longbows, which required years of training - and consequently higher costs.

Crossbows are now in the hands of the people you would imagine using them - Bandits and Soldiers. They are also more readily available at vendors around the holds. Their damage is increased in order to give more a feel of "If I get hit with this, it's probably going to kill me."

Recipes are also available for both fletching bolts and construction of crossbows.

Dawnguard Required!

-Adds Crossbows to the leveled lists of Bandits and Soldiers.
-Increase in damage - Crossbows are much more dangerous.
-Recipes added so they can be crafted in forges.
-Bolts and Low level crossbows available at vendors everywhere.

Changelog 2.1!

Made mundane crossbows the norm - much much lower chance of soldiers/guards spawning with higher tier crossbows.

Adjusted prices to make them unique and very pricey.

Lowered damage about by half to hopefully balance out crossbows with longbows and shortbows.

Removed dwarven crossbows from the leveled lists.

[size=2]Changelog 2.0!

Huge thanks to DJjojo for agreeing to collaborate. I've included his models and textures in this update.

List of features changed/added.

- All of DJjojo's models implemented.
- Retexture of original crossbow to former blued-steel crossbow.
- Hopefully balanced damage rate increases. (+2 damage for each tier of crossbow, +1 for each tier of bolt.)
- Added to leveled lists of bandits, guards, imperial and stormcloak soldiers, as well as vendor lists.
- Removed iron bolts - redundant.
- Removed silver crossbow and bolts.
- 25% armor piercing applied to all crossbows.
- ACE Combat skills compatibility.

I hope that this succeeds in balancing out the damage output for crossbows. I did some basic testing and it seemed a bit more fair.

I rebuilt the mod from the ground up. If you run into errors or problems, let me know.

There is an across the board 50% chance of soldiers/bandits spawning with bows instead of crossbows. I figured that was fairly balanced. :)

[size=2]Changelog 1.8:

- Adds silver, orcish, elven, dragonbone, and iron crossbows(replacer to normal crossbow) to the game. (Retextures til I get better at modeling. ;) )
- Adds elven bolts.
- Tweaks textures for orcish, silver, steel, and ebony.
- Updates leveled lists to include all of the above ^.
- Removed the dwarven crossbow sitting outside of Alvors. I accidentally left that in from when I was testing. :P
- Fixed some temper recipes.
- Added recipes for all of the new bolts and crossbows. Let me know if i missed some!
- Fixed some mesh issues.

Changelog 1.7:

- Updated leveled lists; Bandits/Guards/Soldiers all now have a collective chance of 30% that they will not spawn with any crossbows. Bolts are still loading all the time, however - this is a necessity incase they do spawn with a crossbow, sorry.
- Fixed bandits/guards/soldiers spawning with 3 crossbows. woops. :P
- Still haven't figured out the spawning with 150+ bolts at once. Will work on it for the next release.
- Added Dragonbone bolt
- Added Ebony Crossbow (retex of dwarven.)
- Temper recipe fix - You should be able to temper the blued-steel crossbow now (with steelsmithing perk.)
- Lowered damage again. The +30% Armor piercing offsets this, and crossbows are now back to their original levels with some very minor adjustments. Still deadly, just not quite as.
- Fixes weapon speed issue with using crossbows then slowing your melee weapon speed down. woops.
- Optional esp added to make the 30% no crossbow 70%. Enjoy!

Changelog 1.61:

- Fixes dwarven crossbow two shot by removing it. I'll try to get it fixed so it fires one bolt after the other, rather than two at the exact. same. time. ugh.
- Fixes guards not spawning with bolts. I missed a value. oops.

Changelog 1.6:

- Adds four new types of bolts - iron, orcish, ebony, and glass.
- Adds one new (retextured) crossbow. Blued-Steel, mid-tier between regular and dwarven crossbows. Begins spawning on bandits/guards/soldiers around level 7.
- Updated leveled lists to make them more leveled, especially in light of the new bolt types.
- Fixed recipes to make them more lore and realistic-friendly.

Changelog 1.5:

- Silver bolts added. No enchantments yet, but does do slightly more damage than steel bolts. And I retextured them! :D Craftable at the forge w/ elven smithing. :)
- Updated damage. Lowered about half of what it was originally increased by. Gives a fair balance between stopping power and survivability.
- Armor piercing modules to each crossbow - It's silly to include the armor piercing perk on the enhanced and not on the originals - realistically, they would all be able to punch through armor much better than bows of the time.
- Armor piercing is reduced to 30% for all, including enhanced crossbows. Should increase survivability while making it more useful than bows in punching through armor.
- Perk requirements to craft crossbows, as well as updated recipes to include wood.
- Leveled lists updated too! Bandits/Soldiers/Guards now spawn with the Crossbow and bolts around level 5. :)