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Dovahkriid - Grenzganger (EV/DV)

adds one quest with seven fully voice-acted companions you may choose from to create a "party of three" that interacts with each other, reacts to Skyrim's world and to adventures of the original game.

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One book ~ One cave ~ One quest

"Where the birth is given to mightiest brew,
before it burns hoof and pelt of bear and steed,
its first blaze is bit by the deer,

Three dragons spit the mighty brew,
from deepest mould they fed,
their dwell their master rules,
from his Dein the fire spreads."



Dovahkriid Grenzganger Quest & Companions adds one riddle-based quest-line to the game, varied on the player's choosen character class and up to seven characters you may turn into your companions to make Skyrim a group-adventure-game. These companions react with more than 2000 lines of dialog with each-other, Skyrim's quests and the world.


~ Details ~

Quest-Start: "Goods & More" in Falkreath
Quest-Time: ca. 1-3 hours

The companion/follower system works independently from any other mod, add-on etc. and is by that 100% compatible with any other kind of follower or regarding mods.

Every companion comes with:
  • a variety of individual outfits and weapons
  • a horse
  • individual fighting style
  • option for individual equipment by the player (armor, clothes, weapons)
  • the interaction with the loot-bag (carry as much as you want)
  • own character (with differnt skills)
  • the possibility to level with the player
  • the possibility to resurrect on accidentally death

Permanent changes on hair, face, equipment can be easily done via Creation Kit.


~ Compatibility ~

This mod should be compatible with any mod so long it does not change the same Falkreath(-Hold) location/cells or uses the ScriptedEvent in the StoryManager. It is absoluty independent from other follower-mods and they do not have any interaction with these companions like the Dovahkriid Grenzganger mod does not inferfere with their changes.
Please look at the Readme for further information. Thank you!


~ Walkthroughs ~

Vulken2000 has done a walkthrough with the warrior choice option.
You can see it here in the video section (with some additional notes - e.g. how to open the three channels) or on YouTube: Walkthrough and Reward


~ Notice ~

Read the Readme, because you will love it. All questions you might have about the quest, how to play with companions, trouble-shooting and everything you have to be aware about etc. is in there.


~ German 1.6 Version (subtitled) / Deutsche 1.6 Version (mit Untertiteln) ~

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"Be with your mighty thu'um, Dovah doom and have fun."
~ Ryan