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Lets you loot Body\'s in Lord Form

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[size=20]ATTENTION!!! READ THE DAMNED DESCRIPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!![/size]

Note: Since 10.08.2012 my username is no longer DarkenDE but Keldis.
I am in Vacation until 18.08.2012, but im still arround here, to give answers.

Note 2: Werewolf Activation will be no longer updated and was removed due to too many bugs!

v2.0: Overhauled the WW feature, should work fine now with anything, chests, body's, doors, flowers (a werewolf picking flowers -__-)

Also changed the way you feet, now you need to feed a body first, after that you can loot it, a Label will say "Feed/Inspect" on Body's and Containers.

v1.9: Not Released test version

v1.8: Finally Fixed the werewolf activation, i hope that everything is in order now :-)

v1.7: Again a minor fix, hope this fixes everything for good now, report any new bugs.

v1.6c: Feeding in human Form is fixed now thanks to mattbison for pointing it out ;-)

v1.6b: Fixed the UnblockActivateNoWere.esp to actually do what it says.

v1.6: Savage Feeding should be fixed now, report back if it does.

V1.5: Added new esp files, see Index Section.

V1.4: Bugged - Removed

v1.3: Added an SKSE plugin which lets you open the map and inventory, because both are linked together i don't think that i can seperate them, use the 2nd Main file if you do not wish to use menus.

For this SKSE is required, get it at http://skse.silverlock.org/ and extract the contents to oyur main folder which would be (C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim), (X86) is not included on system with 32 Bit, so on 32 bit it would be: (C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim)

What does this mod do?
I did not quite get it why Bethesda choose to do this, it just breaks the game for me to always transform back to just loot one body, this changes it, you can activate everything, talk to anyone, prevents activating horses as well, though i did not test it on all horses, let me know if you find any bugs

As Vampire Lord:

You can loot Dead Bodys.
You can Activate Doors.

How to install?
Best would be to use NMM
If you use NMM make sure to activate only one .esp, NMM tends to auto activate any installed .esp file.

Dawnguard and the latest patch.