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Several NPC's ingame have been given new, unique sets of vanilla armor or clothes.

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[size=7]Don't forget to ENDORSE if you like it![/size]

Basically, to make cretain NPC's more memorable I changed their armor and/or clothes.
Version 2.0 supports Dunmer Outfits.

Version 2.0 (Dragonborn DLC required)
- Jenassa (Chitin Light)
- Aval Atheron, Revyn Sadri, Ambarys Rendar and Malthyr Elenil (Dunmer Outfit)

Version 1.5
- Companions Overhaul! (see screenshots)
- Mulush gro-Shugurz (Dwarven)
- Thongvor Silver-Blood (Steel Plate)
and finally...

Version 1.0a
- Ra'zhinda got her old gear back (Glass just didn't fit her in the end)
- Nagrub (Orcish)

Version 1.0
- Gorm (Steel Plate)
- Vorstag (Ancient Nord)
- Belrand (Elven)
- Khayla (Elven)
- Ra'zhinda (Glass)
- Jenassa (Studded)

Version 0.5
- all Orc Strongholds (not all NPC's were edited though)
- Irileth (Elven)
- Mjoll the Lioness (Dwarven)
- Borgeir Bearclaw (Ebony)
- Faleen (Dwarven)

Sometimes the armors won't update on their own. You can either wait few more days or enter the console "~", then left click on the NPC and type /resurrect .

I want to keep it lore/game friendly so no random mages in Archmages Robes or Housecarls in Dragonplate.

Feedback and suggestions are always welcome.