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1) READ MY MODS USED LIST. None are required but different mods=different appearances for better OR FOR WORSE.

2) SOME FACEMORPHS HAVE ALTERNATE VERSIONS. Look at the individual files at the very bottom with PINK BORDERS.

3) Please no nude images! Skimpy armor is coolbeans, but I'd like to keep this page SFW.

This is targeted for people looking for lore-friendly, realistic, but naturally beautiful characters. Expect WARPAINT, SCARS, DIRT AND A WHOLE LOT OF FRECKLES. If you like clean faces though, I have also made a NO WEAR, NO TEAR ADDITION that removes all warpaint, scars and dirt. Freckles stay.

And for added flexibility, there's the optional PACKS version which separates my facemorphs into four .esp, three faces each. This allows you to skip some characters that you don't want. If you want some individuals that you skipped, download them in the individual files located at the BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE.

The only followers that I haven’t done are: Uthgerd, Annekke, Iona, Jenassa and Ugor. Ugor got squashed by a giant in my playthrough, and Jenassa was by 83willow. Uthgerd, Anneke and Iona look too similar but I will comeback with an update when I finish them.

For Compilations
Use NMM or extract the files into the skyrim root folder manually. Make sure that the .esp is below mods that affect followers such as UFO.

For PACKS version
Manually extract the data folders from chosen Pack Folders into Skyrim Root Folder.

PACK ONE- Jordis, Brelyna, Ria
PACK TWO- Aranaea, Illia, Borgakh
PACK THREE- Adelaisa, Eola, Njada
PACK FOUR- Aela, Lydia, Mjoll

Use NMM or delete all of the files manually. If manually, remove the .TARGA, .dds, and the .NIF files with the codes all found in the READ MES located at
skyrim/Data/textures/actors/character/FaceGenData/FaceTint/Skyrim.esm and

1) ILLIA SOMETIMES WON’T GIVE FOLLOWER DIALOGUE. This has nothing to do with my mod, but here is how you fix it:
Open up the console command with the tilde key and click on Illia.
Type “setrelationshiprank player 3” to make her an ally
Close console, speak to her again to see if she works. Then save your game.
If you dismiss her apparently the same bug appears again, so repeat the process.

2) Wyldtats will disappear if you place Improved Freckles .esp BELOW the custom tattoo .esp in the load order.

3) ALL NECKGAPS FROM THE INDIVIDUAL FILES SHOULD BE FIXED. If it ISN’T, tell me and I will update/help you.

4) To fix this, download
Calientes Texture Blender and extract into a new folder. Scroll down to Examples subsection, and read how to fix the NeckSeam.

For UNP, Svarog posted a BodyBlend Kit and a Neckblend Kit. NOTE THAT: The Neckblend Kit works best WITH COVERWOMEN AND BELLA'S BETTER FEMALES.

If you get grey skin or black bodies reinstall your body type and textures to get everything back to normal. The neckseam will go back to vanilla, but you can try the process again if you wish.

5) Lydia's appearance from Moonlight Tales might not work! Try to place my .esp below that mod to see if her appearance works.

Thank you Jo and Kyo for making the wonderful ENBs used in the screenshots. Also thank you fileosoft for improving my description information.

And a big kudos for ALL of the people who have been supporting me, whether through comments, making endorsements, and downloading so many of my mods. =)

As for what I'll do next, I'll continue making Annekke, Iona, Uthgerd and Ugor and post them in my next update. I'll also tweak some of my released facemorphs as my eyes become more trained. HOWEVER, right now I need a big break from working so hard in the past few days, so don't expect anything in a while. xD