Soriana nord custom NPC follower by BravoOskar
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Soriana - nord custom NPC follower - works with all body mods

This is the final version of Soriana, there will no longer be any updates or new look options, and i am no longer taking requests for optional looks.

I am sorry to inform, but i have been away from Skyrim since september 2012 and i am no longer providing support for my mods.
If you read the description and follow all requirements there should not be any problems at all.

Thank you for understanding and for all endorsements.

4 Different hair types to choose from (see screenshots)

She is the 13th girl from Sir BravoOskar's collection of custom followers ;)

made on a request
this is an auto-level up version with two Nightingale Blades wearing hide armor.
she will level up same as player up to lvl120

She is a Follower and Marriage NPC


Dead man's drink pub in Falkreath, not far from game start.
She is custom player house friendly, means she will stay and play wherever you dismiss her and will not return to dead man's drink.

description and class:
this is not an edited vanilla NPC this is an EXTRA one and she is essential (cannot die)
Follower NPC addon, standalone, marriable
She is a combat assassin bow and one-handed preferred, but she can dual wield, if the dual wield doesn't work use this mod (dual wield for followers)
Weight: 55 Height: 0.98

only spells she has are healing, frostbite and flames

No need for any body/face mods, but any should work fine.
but to make her look like on the screenshots you would need:

Coverwomen look #1 from HERE

Eyes of beauty from HERE

CBBE v3 from HERE

KillerKeosSkimpy Armor Set from HERE

Layer Bikini from HERE

Huntress armor from HERE

Leah armor set from HERE

Dragon jewellery from HERE

KD circlets coversion from HERE

Ashara Princess of the Woods from HERE

Highly suggested follower behaviour mod: Lively Followers by PrinceShroob (make your follower behave like Serana)

All of my followers work with UFO, Extensible Follower Framework and Convenient Horses mods

Note: On some screenshots editing software has been used, if a screenshot has been edited you will see a signature BravoOskar on the bottom right.
She works with all body,hair and face mods and is editable in NPC editor!

for advanced users:
if you like different hair,face,body any hair, face or body mod will do. IF you are not happy with her look,
just download and install the NPC editor and change her to your likings

please report bugs if you find some, but it should work perfectly, i tested it myself.


-installation: unpack and drop the .esp and .bsa files in skyrim/data folder
MAKE SURE you installed both bsa and esp files before contacting me of any visual bugs.

-uninstallation: delete the Soriana.esp and .bsa

conflicts: none known

-NPC EDITOR warning: adding custom hairs, items, armor on NPCs using NPC editor will cause double IDs means multiple selections in race menu, forge menu. Remember this if you would like to change her looks or attributes yourself.
-before contacting me that you cannot find her, open the console and write - help soriana 0 and that should then show her name and id, if not it means the game doesn't load her at all, so check your launcher and that you have installed her properly

Have fun and don't forget to endorse if you like it

My follower mods (what's left on nexus): just click on a picture for the link

Sylvia's tattoo set moders resource:

Easy NPC creation tutorial:


Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim and (not really) for Creation Kit

Biggest Thanks goes to all the patient moders out there who delivered all the great mods.

BravoOskar 02/August/2012