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About this mod

A growing collection of dedicated packages to use with Automatic Variants to add some much needed variety to the creatures in Skyrim.

Permissions and credits

This is Leviathan1753's amazing tool that will add these textures to your game

This is the hub page for all my AV packages, it will be updated frequently with new packages and I will add my older AV packages that are currently on TESAlliance as well.

Please leave a comment if you like! It's always good to know!

What's new?
  • Version 1.04: Added the Snow Sabrecat Package
  • Version 1.03: Added the troll package
  • Version 1.02: All packages now support Nexus Mod Manager and Wrye Bash
  • Version 1.01: Added the wolves package with NMM and Wrye Bash support

Current packages:
  • StarX AV Package Draugr SDM (based on StarX Detailed Monsters) - 15 variants
  • StarX AV Package Giants SDM (based on StarX Detailed Monsters) - 7 variants (only at Tesnexus)
  • StarX AV Package Falmer SDM (based on StarX Detailed Monsters) - 7 variants (only at Tesnexus)
  • StarX AV Package Hagraven SDM (based on StarX Detailed Monsters) - 4 variants
  • StarX AV Package Wolves - 4 variants for the regular wolves and 4 variants for the ice wolves
  • StarX AV Package Trolls SDM (based on StarX Detailed Monsters) - 4 variants for the regular trolls and 4 variants for the frost trolls

To get the TESA packages that aren't currently on Nexus check out my thread at the Bethsoft Modding Forum: StarX AV Packages Thread 2

Dedicated AV Packages
I was the first modder that jumped on the bandwagon when Leviathan1753 released the first version for Automatic Variants and started making packages specifically for AV. I always make sure there's "balanced variety" in my packages, which means that
there is lots of variety while not being excessive. So you will not see bright red giants or green Falmers running around for example. Each package contains a separate readme with detailed information.

How to use StarX AV Packages
You will need Automatic Variants first

1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the SkyProc Patchers folder to your Data folder.
2. Run Automatic Variants to make the textures show up in your game.

There's a specific readme included in each package, so make sure you read it!

Screenshots welcome
As my gaming time is limited at the moment I don't have a lot of ingame screenshots, so user screenshots are very welcome!

I have tried to make the variants as lore friendly as possible, though I took some creative liberty and changed some appearances. This may upset some people, but hey: it's modular so you don't need to use each and every package.

Credits and permission
All textures done by StarX, based on Bethesda's High Res Texture pack. Please ask for my permission if you want to use these textures in your own project.

To Leviathan1753 for his dedication on creating such a fantastic tool for both modders and mod users! Thanks man!
To all the peeps that have encouraged me!