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Last updated at 20:56, 2 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 18:56, 2 Aug 2012

I'll try to upload saved games of your favorite stars, game or book characters or artists

right now there are
Sasha Grey
Jenaveve Jolie
Mara Jade Skywalker (Star Wars Expanded Universe - Luke's wife)
Lindsey Stirling (pure crap since her face cannot really be modeled in skyrim and her hairstyle is not among modded ones either... not even eye color, bleh.. she's supposed to have bluish-gray eyes, not those dirty grey :S)
Lara Croft (again skyrim shapes for eyes, eyebrows, mouth and hair are simply not enough)

These are my first files uploaded to Nexus, so I hope they'll work - let me know
I know Sasha is barely recognizable - that's Bethesda's fault for not allowing character to smile :S Sasha is nothing without her trademark creepy smile.
Also, I think their eyes don't have the right color (aka dark chocolate brown for Sasha and black for Jenaveve, so I've used the same brown eyes for both - if you have the right mod, you can easily change it with showracemenu command after all)

If you want, I could upload more (not just pornstars :P) saved faces when I get some free time

You will NEED
Temptress race mod (
ApachiiSkyHair (

To make them look like on screens, I recommend using:
CBBEv3 curvy ( (although if you want realism, go for skinny in Sasha's case)
Extended Slider Colors (
Coverwomen Look3 (
Detailed Faces (
Detailed Lips (
Eye colours and new eyelashes (

credit goes to authors of these great mods

PS: I'd very much appreciate if someone could use those faces for follower NPCs like Aela, Lydia etc.