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This mod changes the appearance of the brothers Vilkas and Farkas followers. I will be updating this mod to include new variants or new followers on a regular basis.

Permissions and credits
$$$$$$$$ NEWS $$$$$$$$
Inhabitants of Skyrim Npc Overhaul by Rops1981
It will transform the faces of your Skyrim for the better.

version 1.1 update
all new custom warpaint created by TairenSoul for both Vilkas and Farkas.
Onmeya has returned with better facegens and new warpaint by TairenSoul.
Skjor 2 has new warpaint by TairenSoul.
unleashed edition removed. no longer goes with the vision i have for the characters.
Big thanks to Diethardt for the upscaled facetints!

Skjor II

Bio - Skjor II left the town of Whiterun and his father behind for a new life and adventure. It brought him to places like Dagerfall, Morrowind, and Cyrodiil. Never one to stay anywhere too long. All his life he spent avoiding his fate with the companions and any sense of responsibility. Upon hearing news of the Silverhands plots against his father's guild. Skjor II returned to Whiterun. Unfortunately his father was not happy to see him and turned him away. He has been spotted at the Bannered Mare drinking the night away. Deciding on where he will soon move on to.

Onmeya Whitemane

Bio - No one knows whether the white haired warrior came to Whiterun to assist her estranged father. The circle tolerates her stay in Jorvaskrr at Kodlak's request. There are rumors that she has ties with the Silverhand. Though nothing can be proven. The companions are unaware that Onmeya believes her mother was killed by a werewolf or some other supernatural beast and holds a resentment towards them.

**** Required *****
For Skjor II follower you will need!
Additional Vanilla Npc Follower Voice Types
You will not get his follower dialogue without this mod.

For Onmeya follower you will need!
Additional Vanilla Npc Follower Voice Types
You will not get her follower dialogue without this mod.

Recommended mods but not required.
Fine Face Textures by urshi
Smooth male Body Normal Maps
Female Face Tattoo by TairenSoul
Male Face Tattoo by TairenSoul
Eyes Of Beauty
Gizmodian Scars
Exstensible Follower Framework
Ebony Wolf Armor
Wolf Armor Redone

**** Instructions for neck seam/tear bug ****
1. Open console `
2. Target specific npc and you will type
For Vilkas - setnpcweight 100
For Farkas - setnpcweight 100
3. while targeting follower - disable
4. enable
5. save game

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