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Added: 02/08/2012 - 05:12PM
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It's been a while since I contemplated uploading a mod to the Nexus, but finally I've managed to come around and do just that. This is my first mod (save) and hopefully you'll enjoy using it. After the time and effort placed into creating the face, I'm rather happy with the final result and I hope you will be as well.

The character has been crafted to look like Kristen Bell, and starts off just after Aludin has attacked. You'll be in the keep with Hadvar.


After downloading the save game, drop it into your C:\Users\*your name*\Documents\My Games\Skyrim\saves

Then all you have to do is load the save in game and you're good to go :)

Better Females by Bella - No Makeup Version (or makeup if you prefer but might conflict with the face looking as it does in the images)/Navetsea's Face Texture (see below!)
Improved Eyes

ENB - Sharpshooters + FXAA

Notes of Interest

There shouldn't be any conflicting mods of my own which could cause this save to crash or not load. If this happens please let me know and I'll work around that.

Neck Seam - Personally, I prefer the neck seam to be near perfection and Caliente's TexBlend works to do this. However, after installing Better Females by Bella - No Makeup Version, I had a complication. The TexBlend did not work, and said I was missing femalehead_msn.dss and femalehead_sk.dss. To get the neck seam working I borrowed them from Navetsea's Face Textures and the seam works. IMPORTANT! This is only if using CBBE body, or you don't have neck seam fixed. If you don't mind it, don't do it. It just takes more time :P

Finally, feel free to change the hair style etc with hair mods you have installed (e.g. Apachii) via the showracemenu console command (`)

Enjoy :) Constructive criticism appreciated.