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Last updated at 2:22, 8 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 11:00, 2 Aug 2012

I created this mod mostly for myself a while back because I liked the idea of elemental visual effects. I hadn't publshed a mod before (this is my first one), so I figured I would share this with others. It adds the effect rings to the Riverwood Trader vendor.

PLEASE NOTE: This mod ONLY adds the enchanted rings. It does not include the armor sets in the image.

Armor sets are recolors I have done. The white was originally "Divine Aegis" (can be found on Nexus), and the black is a gold-trimmed ebony recolor. Also seen is Ebony Ascention (on the black set) from the Plate Hoods mod.

* Adds rings with enchantable visual effects.
** Snowborn - Frost visual effect - Frost covers the wearer along with a cloud effect.
** Flamewreath - Fire visual effect - Wearer glows fiery orange along with emanating flames.
** Stormshod - Electric visual effect - Wearer glows electric purple-blue with emanating electrical sparks.
** Darkling - Shadow visual effect - Wearer is shrouded in darkness with emanating black mist.
** Soulbreak - "Life" visual effect - Wearer glows light orange and emanates energy similar to greybeard soulsharing.
** Icecube - joke ring "icecube" effect - You become an icecube.
* Rings can be disenchanted to learn the enchantments
* Enchantments can be stacked with other enchantments on armor.
* Effects are visual ONLY - they do not incur any damage or gameplay buffs/debuffs to player or NPCs.
* Effects have been modified from their original game values to something more unique, so while similar, they are not mere copies.

Future Thoughts:
* Make "icecube" ring turn the wearer into a frost atronach.
* Possibly add flame/frost trail effects, or a separate enchantment which contains them to make it optional.
* Blended rings with effects not seen in the game.

This mod can also be found on the Steam Workshop:

Version 1.1
** Added rings Soulbreak, Darkling, Stormshod and Icecube
** Made Flamewreathe more fiery.
** Made Snowborn a little more frosty.