Summon Oblivion Usurper - Mankar Camoran by zeroeternalz
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8/3/12 Revision Notes:
Version 1a and 2a fixes the amount of summoned dremora that will appear during battle greatly reducing the chances of causing a freeze or CTD because of the game having too many actors on the screen at the same time.

Use version 1a if you prefer having a 24 hour recast timer for the summon. Use version 2a if you do not want a 24 hour recast timer.

Version 1 has a 24 hour ingame recast timer.

Version 2 does not have a recast timer allowing the player to summon Mankar indefinitely.

To find Mankar's Death Tome, respond to the flyer asking the player to visit the Museum at Dawnstar. Start and complete the questline for the NPC you meet at the Museum. This spell will provide the player an ability to summon an aspect of a Daedric Prince and his army to assist him/her in battle.

Mankar is equipped with the following:

1. Mankar's Staff - Fires a concussive spell that causes a decent amount of damage. On a critical hit, Mankar will fire additional heat seaking projectiles that will follow his target and explode causing minor damage upon impact.
2. Mythic Flame - Mankar will unleash a flame projectile that will cause spreading damage upon impact.
3. Oblivion Conquest - This spell will create a 3 minute breach of the dimensional gates preventing the forces of Oblivion from entering Nirn. During this breach, the aspect of Mehrunes Dagon will materialize to cause havoc on Mankar's enemies. Mehrunes will also unleash his army on his opponents. This spell is used only in exterior locations.
4. Oblivion Infiltration - Mankar will summon the souls of his children Ruma and Raven to assist him in battle. In turn his children will conjure 3 of Mankar's elite Dremora generals to assist in combat. His 6 generals are Amkaos, Anaxes, Kathutet, Medrike, Orthe, and Ranyu. This spell is used only in interior locations.
5. Mythic Shield - Mankar will cast a customized armor spell to help defend himself in combat.
6. Mythic Heal - A heal spell that will restore 300 points of damage and unleash Flame Atronachs to help defend Mankar while he is healing himself.
7. Slight increase in health, major increased magicka.
8. Custom combat style that summons Mehrunes Dagon or his children upon entering combat.
9. Mankar will level up at the same rate as the player. Mankar will max out at level 81.

Notes: For Mehrunes' aspect, I do not know how to make my own model so I improvised with the appearance of his 4 arms and horns on his head. From a low angle, the visual effect closely portrays Mehrunes' actual visage. Mankar has 2 modes of summoning depending on if the player is in interior or exterior areas. When summoning the Aspect of Mehrunes, many of Mankar's enemies are quickly dispatched and his infiltration mode, his elite team can also pose a major threat for the player's and Mankar's opponents.

This mod should not have any conflicts with any other mod. If there are any issues, please let me know and I will make the fixes as soon as I can. I will be making more summons, and hopefully I can figure out a way to compile all of them into one file so that it won't clutter your mods list. If anyone can give me some advise in how I can do that, I will make the compilation sooner than later. Please endorse if you like the mod.