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Northwest of Rorikstead lies Lund's Hut, home of Lund and Eyja. Some time ago, during one of his travel, Lund found two baby skeevers. He take pity on them and bring them home. Eyja told him to kill these things, but he would not listen. And one night, he pay for his stubbornness. When he open the door of his hut, he found his wife, dead, on the ground...

Upon approching the entrance of the house, the quest Until Death do us Part... wil start. After a small quest in wich you must find Rorik to tell him about Lund's and Eyja's death, you will be able to purchase the house for 500 gold. All containers inside the house are safe for starage except the sack.

There is three versions to choose from (See the screenshot for more information):

Vanilla Version
You might have notice that the exterior of the house is not of the same type of the interior. In the vanilla, you'll have a wooden exterior and a stone interior with the interior being twice as big as the exterior. Even if I don't find this immersive at all, I made that version for people who want to play with the house as Bethesda built it.

Matching Interior
That version keep the same exterior as the vanilla while changing the interior for a wooden one. The only thing is that you won't get the dresser because there was no more place for it.

Matching Exterior
That version keep the same Interior as the vanilla while changing the exterior for a stone one.

Extract the esp to "...Skyrim\Data\" Folder
In the data files section in Skyrim launcher, tick the box "LundsHutPlayerHouse - Version.esp".

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