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1.4 Revision B released. If you're upgrading from a previous version, please uninstall all ENBs using the old version. Then, delete your entire ENB library and re-download the supported ENBs. Then re-apply the new support scripts. I apologize for the inconvenience; the new software recognizes a new (more logical) format for ENB distribution and it cannot read the original format.

I'm a bit too busy to update the manual; that'll hopefully get done within a week or so. In the mean time, follow these steps.

0. Install .NET Framework 4.0 or higher (Google for it - it'll be on Microsoft's site).

1. Extract the .exe and .dll into a logical folder (such as into a new "ENB Manager" subfolder of your Skyrim directory).
2. Run the .exe and generate the settings file. Letting it auto-fill the settings is recommended.
3. Copy the support scripts provided into the Program_Resources\ENBM_SupportScripts subfolder which is created when the .exe is first run.
4. Download the ENB you want to install.
5. If the ENB is not already packaged in the standard format (it will be visible in the "Add ENB" menu if it is), you have the following options:

A: if you have the support script for the ENB, you may apply it (option 6 in the main menu).
B: If you don't, you can ask the ENB author to write one, or to distribute the ENB in the correct format.
C: If you don't, you can write one yourself. A full description will be in the manual; in the mean time, it should be pretty easy to figure out how it works by looking at the different support scripts provided.

To learn about the standard format, go here:

1.4 hotfix A released. Only important if you want to try Phinix ENB. Support script for Phinix included in the download. See change log in package for details.

1.4 released. Treat is as a beta, but it's running rock solid for me. I've installed/uninstalled most of my ENBs with no hiccups to report. Please report bugs if you happen upon one. I'll upload the manual once Amazon gets me the replacement charger for my laptop; right now I can't power it on to retrieve it.

Want to help with the project? Make a support script for your favorite ENB! It's easy!

Current support scripts available:

Skyrim Enhanced Shaders FX 1.0
Countervibe 1.0
TrueVision 4.0
Sharpshooter's 1.0
SuperB ENB RL 0.90



THIS PROGRAM ABSOLUTELY REQUIRES .NET FRAMEWORK. Most computers should have this installed already. If not, download here:

Now that that was brought to your attention...

This program basically allows you to keep a library of ENB files. Here's what it does in detail:
1. Keeps track of which files are installed for easy installation and uninstallation of an ENB
2. Updates the effects.txt file with all optional effects available in an ENB
3. Backs up all overwritten files and restores them upon uninstallation of an ENB
4. Installs and backs up Skyrim.ini, SkyrimPrefs.ini, and enbseries.ini tweaks GIVEN A CONFIGURATION FILE
5. (Optional) Runs BOSS if BOSS is installed and an ENB containing .esp or .esm files has been added
6. (Optional) Allow graphics driver profile switching upon installation/uninstallation of an ENB
7. Allows configuration of an ENB to conform to the expected ENBManager standard format GIVEN A CONFIGURATION FILE .
8. Runs Realistic Lighting Patcher when necessary
9. (optional) Automatically activates plugins installed as part of an ENB
10. (optional) Protects files such as textures and meshes from being overwritten by an ENB

To find out how to use it, please download and read the PDF manual. It looks scary and long but 90% of it is pictures and/or stuff that you don't need to read if you just want to use the program.

Change Log:
Fixed issue when restoring from a stacked ENB backup deleted the contents of the next ENB's backup folder (oops!).
Give GPU files, support scripts, and filebackups their own subfolder alongside ENBLib TELL USERS IN MANUAL
Add "cancel" option to "2. Set up or change GPU config settings" submenu
If ENB or add on includes RealisticLighting.ini but no RealisticLightingPatcher.esp, run RealisticLightingPatcher.jar if present
If restoring backup that contains RL.ini but no RLPatcher.esp, run .jar if present.
Fix ini tweaking - stacking ini tweaks no longer causes issues when removing the first ini tweak in the stack
Add warning in main menu if an effect is installed with no d3d9.dll or injector to utilize it.
Add warning in main menu if an ENB is installed with no d3d9.dll or injector to utilize it.
Add "uninstall everything" panic button
Add warning if user tries to stack ENBs (files will be overwritten)
Run the ENB installation script AFTER all files have been copied to prevent unintended effects
Removed partial compatibility with old settings files (more trouble than it was worth)
INI tweaks now removed BEFORE file backups are restored (prevents trying to tweak an ini which has been deleted)
Add function to specify GPU type in GPU settings
Change Settings.CurrentINItweaks[1] to file full path instead of just file name (not important unless you're the program).
Add warning for unrecognized ENBM_Instructions command
Add informative message if an ENBM support script encounters a TopDir which does not exist (and stops attempting to validate the rest of the script)
Add settings to allow/disallow overwriting subcontents of Data folder (eg textures/meshes)
Add settings to auto-activate installed plugins

Add commands Add_Record:file/filename:folder/foldername (eg Add_Record:file:d3d9.dll or Add_Record:folder:textures) // allows script to pass validation if it calls for a file/folder which does not currently exist. The file/folder is set to be located within TargetDir.

Fixed CounterVibe support script so that it could be fully automated (and wrote the necessary "under hood" functions for interpreting ENBManager_Instructions.txt)
Fixed SharpShooter's Support Script to delete outdated green water fix
Fixed True Vision script to be based in ENBLib\True Vision 4.0, and set it to distribute d3d9.dll throughout the folders
Fixed SuperB ENB script to distribute d3d9.dll throughout the folders.

----ENBManager_Instructions.txt new functionality
Allow actions "if GPU:1" "if GPU:2" // 1 = nvidia, 2 = ATI // statements after this depend on GPU type until EndIf // cannot be used within IfInt
Allow action "DeleteFile: skyrim.ini" // makes backup before deleting (purged when script completes)
Allow action "DeleteFile: skyrimprefs.ini" // makes backup before deleting (purged when script completes)
Allow action "DeleteFile: rendererinfo.txt" // makes backup (purged when script completes)
Allow action "LaunchSkyrim" // self explanatory
Allow action "CloseSkyrim" // self explanatory
Allow action "Wait: x" //where x = seconds
Allow action "RestoreFile: skyrim/skyrimprefs/rendererinfo" // restores from backup made before delete
Allow action "Write:" // writes whatever text is after :
Allow action "AskForInt:x:y" // asks user to enter an integer between x and y
Allow action "IfInt: 1" etc. // statements after this depend on the user's integer until EndIf // can't be used within IfGPU:
Allow action "EndIf" // everything between IfInt or IfGPU and EndIf is conditional upon the Int
Allow action "in ENBseries.ini" // for editing this ini, assume default filepath to skyrim folder. Searches for both ENBseries.ini and enbseries.ini
Allow action "WaitForInput" // script waits until user hits ENTER
Allow action "GameBackup:" // backs up any file within the My Games\Skyrim folder to the ENBM backup directory (and will be restored upon uninstallation)
Allow action "BackupLoadOrder" // backs up the loadorder files in AppData\Local\Skyrim, to protect them from Skyrim's default launcher (which occasionally erases them)
Allow action "RestoreLoadOrder" // restores the load order files

1.3 Hotfix A
Fixed bug where files were backed up to "FolderNameFileName" instead of "FolderName\Filename"
Fixed bug where editing of SkyrimPrefs.ini resulted in cutting off the file before the end.
Fixed a bug where auto-loading of normal graphics driver settings instead auto-loaded ENB graphics driver settings.
Fixed instructions in support script for Countervibe ENB to make them more clear.

Support for Graphics Card Config switching at ENB install time (both nVidia and AMD/ATI)
Optional new interface when choosing ENB or effect to add
More robust directory autodetection
Optional hidden command to ignore errors when loading settings ("or"): ONLY for using this with other games
Every file that gets overwritten is backed up during ENB installation
When uninstalling ENB, backups get restored UNLESS another ENB containing the same file was installed later.
Added credits within the main menu
Support for old versions of settings file (will regenerate new settings file with known fields filled in) (ENBs MUST be uninstalled).
Integrated interpreter for support pack instructions
User prompted to run BOSS only if esp or esm was installed
Completely separate management (installation and uninstallation) of ENBs and effects

Instant Skyrim directory autodetection if in :\Program Files (x86)\Steam or :\Games\Steam (comment if you want to add a common installation directory).
Separation of full ENBs and Effect files in menu
- "Add ENB" has been split into "Add ENB" and "Add ENB effect"
- Library folders with empty "Data" subdirectories are considered effects; those in which the "Data" directory contains files or folders are considered full ENBs
- Allows adding full support package for SESFX without completely cluttering up the interface menu.

Allows auto-tweaking of Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini given a script
Backs up Realistic Lighting.ini settings if installing an ENB with its own Realistic Lighting.ini
Allows auto-detection of all necessary files and directories
Allows user to run BOSS after installation
Stores backups (1 version deep) of modified files in ENBlib\ENBM_FileBackups directory (does not apply to ENB-only files, only for modified .ini and settings files)


Auto-moves and deletes component files when installing an ENB
Creates, appends to, or deletes effect.txt when installing or removing effects