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texture replacement for landscape

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Una dedica speciale al mio amico non ché socio orso. Ricordati sempre chi è veramente il capo

I will try to explain better ... my English is a bit rusty eh eh eh.
I think that in skyrim, even if it uses an old engine but optimized, there is a truly remarkable design... only downside is the texture...
Great textures, but at low resolution (512x512 px). with this mod I have tried (and hopefully succeeded) to improve a) the Resolution b) Realism and c) Quality. Obviously I'm not a professional but just a big fan of skyrim then there is some flaw (as I have noticed, however, even in the original texture - no one is perfect). Of course I'm a perfectionist, so if you have suggestions to improve the quality of the work, feel free to give me your suggestions (trusting your common sense) will be welcome.

The entire work has been done trying to keep as much as possible the original design.


What's different about the new version 3.0 beta ???
  • All the textures with a few exceptions have been redone from scratch.
  • Each texture has been carefully chosen for the composition of the elements and was correct to avoid repetition "excessive" in the short-medium distance.
  • I assembled some textures (such as small rocks) levels in such a way that creates more homogeneity in the fade.
  • I kept (texture permitting) the same shade of color originals
  • The normal map have been done better to make the texture more voluminous (if you look at the texture at noon is normal that look flat because the lighting is perpendicular so I recommend looking at them or at dawn or dusk)
  • More ...


If anyone is interested to redistribute on other sites or modify my textures please ask for permission first.



There are no special requirements ... is a remake texture.
One warning: if you have less than or only 1 GB of VRAM is not recommended textures 2k, better 1k...


1.) Extract.
2.) Put the folder "textures" into your steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\data folder.
3.) Play & enjoy.


1.) go in "landscape" folder "skyrim/data/textures/landscape"
2.) remove all files in the folder (remove only *.dds files not any folders)

I thank who encourages me with positive comments.