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Frustrated by both the lack of numbers and imagination behind the artifact bows in Skyrim, I decided to add some myself. This mod adds 6 new named bows to various locations throughout Skyrim.

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Adds 6 unique named bows to various places.

Frustrated by a lack of unique bows in Skyrim, I decided to make this mod. It adds the bows Shadowswift, Dragonslayer, Blackreach Bane, Spectre, The Medusa and Immaterious to various locations in the game.

Shadowswift nocks arrows 50% faster than any other bow, deals 50 bonus damage when sneaking and is found on the dresser in Astrid's room in the Falkreath Sanctuary. Should also be accessible to anyone who has already completed the Dark Brotherhood questline.

Dragonslayer deals 40 bonus damage to dragons, 10 bonus damage to anything else and is found in Sky Haven temple, on the same table as Dragonbane. 19 base damage.

Blackreach Bane deals 50 bonus shock damage to enemies and a further 25 shock damage to dwemer automatons and is found in the Tower of Mzark, just before entering the room with the scroll on the right. 15 base damage.

Spectre deals 15 un-reduced bonus damage, banishes summoned daedra, turns raised undead and traps the souls of those it slays in a soul gem. It's found on the enchanting bench in the Arch Mage's quarters in the College of Winterhold. 14 base damage

The Medusa has a chance to paralyse targets for 6 seconds and deals 30 stamina damage. It's found on the table in Riftweald Manor next to the bust of the Gray Fox. 15 base damage.

Immaterious slows targets, and deals 5 poison damage for 15 seconds. Has 22 base damage and can be found in the hidden treasure room in Reachwater Rock that opens after the boss fights finish.

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All credits for the model and textures of the Spectre bow go to the amazing creator of the Mystic Elven Armor mod, Sader325, found here: Do check that mod out because it's really fantastic!