Summon Animated Larvae by Anton
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Last updated at 8:02, 23 Aug 2012 Uploaded at 8:34, 1 Aug 2012

Name: Summon Animated Larvae
Author: Anton
Ver.: 2.0

Small Description:

This mod allow you to populate the world of Skyrim by the Larvae (around dead bodies), and also to summon larvae squad to protect you, all with its own unique behavior, animation and sound effect.

Mods overview from Machinima, Number 9 is this mod (~0:38 sec):


Plugin automatically add to the player's spellbook (Conjuration school) three new Spells and one Ability.

--> Ability: "[Larva] = Spread Larvae".
This ability allow the mod to populate the world of Skyrim by Larvae. They will randomly appears near dead bodies and have some "interaction" to the GRAB and HIT events.

--> Spell: "[Larva] = Tiny Protectors".
This spell summon around the player a pack of Larvae. They will jump around and follow the player for some time. If an hostile NPC will be spotted around - they will try to attack the target to protect you.
(Note 1: don't be near of these creatures when the time of the spell is running out.) :)
(Note 2: only those type of larvae can be eaten now.) :)

--> Spell: "[Larva] = Exploder".
Allow you to throw "charged" Larva to the NPC. It will explode when have punched the target.

--> Spell: "[Larva] = Happy Larvae".
This spell summon larvae in front of player while you holding cast button. This type of Larvae have "aesthetic" purpose only (but they can be exploded by hit). :)

(*) If you like my mod - endorse it please !

Video: How to offend the Talmor soldiers. :) (for mod ver: 1.2)

Main features:

- Unique NIF animation, which make possible to create "Live" Larvae.
- All Larvae has its own behavior, unique animation and sound effects.
- If you "Grab" any of larvae (except "tiny protectors") - it will irritate on you. :)

(I never saw something similar for now).


This mod don't change any game data.
It has no conflict with anything.
Load order is doesn't matter.


IMPORTANT: If you will update the mod - you need a "Clean Save" to get it work. (or some issues may occur)
Unzip all files from "\Summon Larvae" folder to the game "\Data" folder.
Activate file "Summon_Larvae.esp" in launcher.

Known issues:

- If you drop the larva from inventory it will disappears.
- Larva have weird shape in inventory screen.
(I will be appreciated if someone can help me to handle those issues)


You can do whatever you want with this mod, all I ask is just a proper credit to me and my work.
(I will be appreciated if you make me noticed about your work containing some of my plugin)

Tools used:

Creation Kit
My own tools for export animation, geometry and weighting to NIF file.

Change log:

ver. 2.0:
- redone all the Spells and added a new ones.
- wrote some nice Scripts for Larvae behavior
- added a new Animation for Larvae
- Populating the Game by cutie Larvae

ver. 1.2:
- add new spell: "Combat Larva"
- change behavior of "Summon Larvas" spell
- switch off some annoying sound effects
- made main texture nice looking on the day light
- corrected UV map

ver. 1.1:
- add Glow map
- add Normal map
- add Specular map

ver. 1.0:
- first release