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What this is a guide for those who are having problems with crashes and fps. Also, has my SKSE.INI so you do not need to make one. New Info.

Permissions and credits
What this is a guide for those who are having problems with crashes and fps.

New Update includes.

Advanced Options
Ini settings 
Things to look out for.
Known things that cause issues.
New 5.05 Links to other guides that may help.
Some spelling and grammar fixes. I am sure their is more lol.

Updated as of 01/16/2015 with new info and improved skse.ini

-----Below is some good advice to help anyone who has crashes and I have made a small guide to help people resolve their crashes. You can download that under main file. Please endorse if it helps. If anyone has more advice I can add to the guide send me a message or post a comment. Lets help people with these issues guy's and gal's so they can have a better skyrim experience.

Please download guide version 4.00 Has the most up to date info I have on how to stop crashes and improve performance. See the Guide for link to many tutorials and mods to help with you Skyrim experience.

----I have Updated the guide and will be looking for new mods that improve performance let know of any.

----I have uploaded my current load order with mods I use under the readme file.

Boss video tells you all you need to know.

Boss Link

Wyre BASH Link

Optimizer Textures by AdPipino referred by Genjou advanced users.

Video on mod Cleaning to prevent crashes.

---FPS Increases best program to use is game booster you can get it for and many other reputable sites. I gained 20 to 30 fps with most I have seen from any program. Thx to ramnozack for referring.

Hope you all enjoy.

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