Understone Keep Fountains and Rubble by Venatoris
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Added: 30/07/2012 - 09:40PM
Updated: 14/02/2014 - 06:06AM

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Last updated at 6:06, 14 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 21:40, 30 Jul 2012

Understone Keep Fountains and Rubble overhauls the three main open areas of the Keep and one back room. For ease of description the main areas are the Entry Hall, Main Hall, and Calcelmo's Hall. I wanted to improve the overall look and feel without straying from a vanilla theme.

Please note that I did change/add some lighting in the main hall. This should not cause any CTDs if you are running mods that alter interior lighting of the Keep but things may look strange and shadows could be wonky.

What this mod did:

1. Removed much of the rubble/dirt/rocks from all three halls to make it look less like a bunch of rabble (with really nice furniture) moved in a week ago. This required changes to the floor of the entry hall and the addition of stairs from the entry hall to Calcelmo's. This also required some minor editing of the entry hall navmesh (no navmeshes were ruthlessly deleted in the creation of this mod).

2. "Repaired" the ceiling in one of the back rooms/offices where the ceiling beams did not line up. I basically added a set of vents (keeps the room nice and cozy warm I would think).

3. Added two fountains with small pools in the corners of the main hall. Also added are two sloping waterfalls flanking the steps up to the throne room. I figured with all the awesome waterfalls right outside the interior was lacking in the water department. I did boost the lighting in these corners somewhat so the fountains would not be hidden in shadow.

4. Improved the balcony area in the entry hall, making it easily accessible and navmeshed for followers. Some minor aesthetic changes and additions (chairs, plants, etc.)

5. Improved the throne room appearance by adding architectural items with more Dwemer metal.

As always I am open to suggestions, comments, bug reports, and endorsements. :)

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V1.1 added:

Added drains and fern planters to fountains.
Improved ceiling fix.
Adjusted lighting position in grand hall.
Removed (relocated) rubble patches in hall to Calcelmo's area and his work area.
Removed (relocated) rubble patches at base of steps to Nchuand-Zel Excavation Site.
Adjusted waterfall position slightly.

V1.2 added:

Fixed a few deleted reference items (some rocks) with TES5Edit 3.0.22.

V1.3 added:

More of the entry hall has been cleaned up. Balcony expanded. Steps to Calcelmo's hall added. Navmesh tweaked for NPC pathing.

V1.3a added (its always something)

Fixes the floor in the passage to the main hall.

V1.4 added:

Adds two waterfalls between stairs in great hall. Dressed up throne room. Some minor aesthetic additions. Added planter and tree in entry hall. Fixed (hid) two minor clipping issues in passage to Calcelmo's area.