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Added: 30/07/2012 - 03:15PM
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Last updated at 15:34, 17 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 15:15, 30 Jul 2012

Adds several kinds of weapons (also known as Toa tools) of Toa Mata - the first series of famous Lego Bionicle toy line.
The next weapons were added:
  • Toa Tahu's Fire Sword,
  • Toa Kopaka's Ice Sword,
  • Toa Onua Earth Claws (works as daggers),
  • Toa Lewa's Big Axe (in two versions - as war axe and battleaxe)
  • Toa Lewa's Battleaxe (simmetrical version of regular axe, non-canon weapon)
  • Gali's Hook (works as war axe)
  • Kopaka's Ice shield (with transparent sectors).
  • And also Lewa's and Tahu's "battlehands" (works as daggers)

Big Axe and Battleaxe drains enemy's stamina, Hook has magika damage, both sword has fire and ice additional damage.
All weapons are located in Riverwood, near the sawmill, inside the Toa Canister (see screenshot).

UPDATE: Added English version (early was only Russian)

This mod is made as teaser of ours big total conversion mod of recreating island of Mata Nui in Skyrim engine. See all details of project here.